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Hi Sasha,
How are you?
I am in London now! I am feeling good. The flight was not difficult.
The time difference of three hours is not big. The hotel where I'm
staying and is not far away from the underground station.
It is cloudy and partly sunny, but foggy in the mornings. In general,
the climate here is milder than at home, so it is much warmer now, +15C.
We have a usual English breakfast at the hotel - porridge, eggs, bacon,
beans, mushrooms, tomatoes. For lunch I usually have fish and chips another traditional English dish. For supper I usually buy something
at the supermarket - fruits, vegetables, cheesecakes. People here are
very friendly and nice. Once, my bag with apples tore and everybody
around helped me to pick them up. Yesterday I was walking past the Odeon
- the famous cinema theatre and saw a lot of people around. It was a
premiere of a new blockbuster, and among the stars I saw Mr. _____!
I have already visited the Tower of London, the Shakespeare's Globe
Theatre and the Science museum. I am looking forward to visiting the
Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, the Kew
Gardens and I just want to relax and go shopping.
That is all for now. How are the things going? See you soon, in four