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Eva Montes (Director) Encouraged by her ballet teacher to act, Eva began her theatre career in
musical, and performed professionally since the age of 13 and was an active member of SAG,
AFTRA and EQUITY. She won the Best Young Actress award given by the Critics and
Commentators of Miami. After graduating from the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic
Arts in New York City, she worked steadily in the theatre. After being offered parts and then
reading the entire script, she turned down roles, due to the low quality of material. She turned
to writing for theatrical companies and corporate presentations and found that her material
was very well received. She was the Artistic Director of the Focus Players. Also, a member of the
Improvisational Group, Mental Floss and a regular on the Danny Jessup TV Show showcasing an
array of characters. She is currently the Theatre Teacher at Socrates Academy and is a freelance theatre director and choreographer.