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From Single Cells to Body Systems
Lesson One Vocabulary
cell—basic unit of structure and function of all living things
cell membrane- thin cell covering that holds the parts of the cell together
nucleus—organelle that determines a cell’s activities
cytoplasm- jelly like substance that contains many chemicals to keep a cell functioning
diffusion- process by which particles of a substance move from an area where there are many
particles of the substance to an area where there are fewer particles of the substance
osmosis- movement of water and dissolve materials through the cell membrane
tissue- cells that work together to perform a specific function
organ- tissues that work together
system- organs that work together to perform a function
Lesson 2 Vocabulary
capillaries- small blood vessels
alveoli- tiny air sacs
villi- tiny tubes sticking out from the walls of the small intestines
nephrons- parts of the kidney that remove wastes from the blood
Lesson 3 Vocabulary
bone marrow- connective tissue that produces red blood cells and white blood cells
joints- where the bones meet to attach to each other and to muscles
tendons- tough bands of connective tissue that attach bones to muscles
ligaments- bands of connective tissue that hold the skeleton together (attach bones to bones)
neuron- specialized cell that receive signals and transmit them to other neurons (cells that
nerves are made of )
receptors- are nerve cells that detect conditions in the body’s environment