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CS5201 Intelligent Systems (2 unit)
Semester II Lecturer: Adrian O’Riordan
Contact: email is [email protected], office is 312, Kane Building
24 in total
Tuesday and Thursday @12:00
Practical Work in PF1 also
Course Webpage:
Objectives and Prerequisites
Objectives: To become familiar with the processes and technologies
used in the construction of intelligent software systems.
The focus will be on fundamentals of subject.
The technologies covered in semester II will include artificial neural
networks, knowledge based systems, machine learning and data
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of computing including
programming concepts; Concepts from Semester I.
Course Details
Teaching methods: notes will on slides or
handouts. Reading assignments will be also
given during the year.
Assignments and exercises will be placed on
the course webpage.
No textbook covers all the material exactly.
See the list of relevant books later on.
Course Overview for Semester II
(Semester I coverd Rule Based Systems, Fuzzy Systems,
Uncertainty Management, Genetic Algorithms and Programming,
and Game Theory)
Artificial Neural Networks (9 lectures)
early work (McCulloch/Pitts; Minsky)
Perceptron and Adaline
Recurrent Networks (Hopfield networks)
Self Organisation (SOM)
Multilayer Perceptron (Backprop and Feedforward)
Course Overview (continued)
Knowledge Based Systems (8 lectures)
knowledge representation
expert systems
knowlege engineering (elicitation)
Learning and Data Mining (5 lectures)
intro. machine learning
data mining
intelligent information retrieval
Practical Component
Neural Network Simulation
Machine Learning Tools
AI Textbooks to Read/Browse
Note there are also many excellent book available on specific topics such
as neural networks but these are not listed here (see webpage).
Negnevitsky, Artificial Intelligence, Addison Wesley, 2002.
Russell and Norvig, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 2nd ed.,
Prentice-Hall, 2003.
Nilsson, Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis, Morgan Kaufmann
Ginsberg, Essentials of Artificial Intelligence, Morgan Kaufmann 1993.
Stefik, Introduction to Knowledge Systems, Morgan Kaufmann 1995.
Rich and Knight, Artificial Intelligennce, 2nd ed., 1990.