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Digestive Enzymes
Our food is made up of:
• Carbohydrates: Bread, Pasta, Potato
• Protein: Meat, Nuts, Lentils
• Fats: Butter, Milk
Our body needs to digest them – turn
them into a form that can be absorbed into
the blood and used by cells. Enzymes
make this possible.
Look closely at the 3 digestion
Enzymes that work on carbohydrates:
Amylase + Starch
Enzyme (in pasta, bread
(in saliva)
(a form of sugar that can be
absorbed by the body )
Enzymes that work on Proteins:
Protease + Proteins
(eg. In meat, nuts)
(in stomach)
Amino Acids
(the body can absorb
them and use them)
Enzymes that work on Fats:
Lipase enzyme + Fats
(secreted by pancreas)
(Butter, Milk)
Enzyme action animation
Fatty Acids + Glycerol
(can be absorbed into body)
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