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Made by: Nasonova M.
Claude Debussy-the French composer, the pianist,
the conductor, the musical critic. Was born in
1862, in France. Has ended the Parisian
conservatory (1884), has received the Roman
premium. Acted as the conductor 1913 in
Moscow and Petersburg.
Debussy - the founder of musical impressionism. In the creativity
leaned on the French musical traditions: music of the French
musicians (F.Kuperen, Z.F.Ramo), a lyrical opera and a romance
(S.Guno, Z.Massne). Influence of Russian music (M. of Item
Musorgsky, N.A.Rimskij-Korsakov), and also the French poetry
and impressionistic painting was significant. Debussy has
embodied fleeting impressions, the most thin shades of human
emotions and natural phenomena in music.
Compositions: Operas-Rodrig and Himena (1892, it is not ended), Palleas and
Mesanda (1902, Paris), Falling of house Esherov (in sketches, 1908-17);
ballets -Kamma(1912, concert execution 1924, in the same place), Games
(1913, Paris), the Box with toys (children's, 1913, statement 1919, Paris);
cantatas - lyrical stages the Prodigal son (1884), the Ode of France (1917, it
is completed F.Gajarom's by M.); a poem for voices with an orchestra the
(1888); for an orchestra - a divertissement Triumph Vakha (1882), a symphonic
suite Spring (1887), the Prelude to « Afternoon rest of the faun » (1894),
Nocturnes (Clouds, Festivals; Sirens - with female chorus; 1899), 3
symphonic sketches the Sea (1905), Images (, Iberia, Spring round dances,
1912,ensembles - sonatas for a violoncello and a piano (1915), for a violin
and a piano (1917), for a flute, an alto (1915), a piano trio (1880), a string
quartet (1893); For a piano - a suite (1890), Prints (1903), Island of pleasure
(1904), Masks (1904), Images (1-st series - 1905, 2-nd - 1907), a suite the
Children's corner (1908), preludes (1-st writing-book - 1910, 2-nd - 1913),
etudes (1915); songs and romances; music to performances of drama theatre,
piano transcriptions, etc.
It 24 preludes for a piano (1-st writing-book - 1910, 2nd - 1913), supplied by poetic names « Sounds and
aromas soar in evening air », « the Girl with hair of
color of flax », etc.), create images soft, at times unreal
landscapes, simulate to plastic of dancing movements,
cast poetic visions, conversations. Debussy's creativity,
one of the largest masters 20 century, was rendered
with essential influence on composers of many
Debussy has died in 1918. The composer has
enriched means of musical expressiveness, an
orchestral and piano palette. It has created a
melody of the impressionism, differing
flexibility of nuances and at the same time a