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Famous people with
• We are trying to prove that people with
disabilities can be full members of society and
nothing to give ordinary people. However, our
predecessors in their personal example
showed that certain physical defects can not
prevent a person to be the greatest
representatives of humanity.
Julius Caesar (epilepsy), a famous
Henry Ford (dyslexia), invented the car
Thomas Edison (hearing problems, learning
difficulties in childhood - could not learn to read
until 12 years old, diabetic), invented the
electric incandescent lamp (light bulb), also
invented the phonograph (the forerunner of
sound reproduction and sound recordings) and
the movie camera
Hans Christian Andersen (dyslexia),
writer, storyteller
Alexander Bell (learning difficulties),
invented the telephone.
Leonardo da Vinci (dyslexia), artist,
Isaac Newton (stuttering, epilepsy),
discovered the theory of gravity
Walt Disney (learning difficulties),
Ludwig van Beethoven (deaf with age)
(1770 - 1827) - German composer,
conductor and pianist, one of the most
respected and performed composers
in the world
Stevie Wonder (1950) - American musician, singer, composer,
multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer. He lost his sight in
infancy. In the oxygen-boxing, which put the child received too
much oxygen. Result - pigmentary degeneration of the retina and
blindness. They call him one of the greatest musicians of our time:
22 times received the Grammy Award, became one of the
musicians are actually defined popular styles of the "black" music rhythm and blues and soul mid-XX century. Name Wonder
immortalized in the Hall of Fame Rock and Roll "and" Hall of Fame
composers in the U.S.. During his career he has recorded over 30
Eric Vayhenmayer (1968) - the world's first climber who
reached the summit of Everest, being blind. Eric Vayhenmayer
lost his sight when he was 13 years old. Onako he finished
school, and then he became a secondary school teacher, then
a coach in wrestling and world-class athlete. On the journey
Vayhenmayera director Peter Winter took the game television
film "Touch the top of the world." In Vayhenmayer conquered
Everest seven highest mountain peaks of the world, including
Kilimanjaro and Mount Elbrus.