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What is it?
• A set of rules that restricts the ways in
which a network, website or system may be
• New members are usually asked to sign an
AUP before they are given access to its
information systems.
Policy Statement
•Tells what computer services are covered by the AUP and the
circumstances under which employees or students can use the
computer services.
School Districts usually must support education and research
and support the districts curriculum.
•Coping/duplicating Licensed Products
•Selling or Passing along the Licensed Product
•Use computer network resources for commercial or for
profit purposes
•Sharing accounts and passwords
•Unauthorized installation, distribution, reproduction, or
use of unapproved games, programs, files or other
electronic media.
•Network user shall be responsible for damages to
equipment, systems, or software resulting from
deliberate or willful acts.
•Issue warnings written or verbal
•Suspend the Member’s account
•Terminate the Member’s account
•Bring legal action
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