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Business Web Page Design
Internet Quiz
1. Which of the following are domain suffixes? (Please mark all that apply.)
[ ] .com
[ ] .gov
[ ] .edu
[ ] .mil
[ ] .org
[ ] .brh
[ ] .mrs
2. What does URL mean?
a.) Universal Resource Locator
b.) Using Real Language
c.) yoU aRe a Liar
d.) Users Reload Locator
3. Which of the following are examples of web browsers? (Please mark 2 answers.)
a.) Firefox
b.) Internet Explorer
c.) Yahoo
d.) Google
e.) CERN
4. What is the IP?
a.) information science: the sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing,
retrieving, and classifying recorded information.
b.) Internet Protocol, typically refers number, such as, which is much like a
house address or phone number.
c.) The Arthur–Merlin protocol, except that the number of rounds of interaction is
bounded by a constant rather than a polynomial.
d.) ip is a struct (structure) in the C programming language.
5. Two or more computers that are connected to share information.
a.) Network
b.) Packets
c.) Bears
d.) AUP
6. A database system that translates an IP address into a domain name. For example, an IP
address like is converted into
a.) Domain Name System
b.) District Network Server
c.) Domain Network System
d.) Dwight K. Shrute
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7. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of email?
a.) Eliminates time zone differences
b.) Less intrusive than a phone call
c.) Cheaper and faster than mail
d.) Nonverbal communication, like sarcasm can be used.
8. The transmission standard (or protocol) used to send an HTML document across the
World Wide Web.
a.) WWW
b.) HTM
c.) HTTP
d.) IP Address
9. What does HTTP stand for?
a.) Hypertext Transformer Procedure
b.) Hypertext Transport Protocol
c.) Hypertext Transfer Please
d.) HTML Transport Procedure
10. Web pages: (2 answers)
a.) can be written in HTM
b.) are written using HTML and sent by HTTP
c.) are written using HTTP and carried by HTML
11. Does NOT belong here:
a.) GIF
b.) JPG
c.) FLUX
d.) PNG
12. In order to have access to the internet at BRHS what are you required to sign?
a.) The Handbook
b.) The AUP
c.) The Internet User Contract
d.) The Internet Account Policy
13. What does AUP stand for?
a.) Apple user policy
b.) Acceptable use policy
c.) Appropriate use program
14. A service company that provides a user with an account on a host-computer having
access to the Internet.
a.) TCP
b.) Internet Service Provider (ISP)
c.) Internet Explorer
d.) IP address
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15. The last characters after the period in the name of a file.
a.) File extension
b.) Web hosting
c.) Compression
d.) PDF
16. The best way to organize files is with...
a.) Folders
b.) Files
c.) PDF
d.) Address boxes
17. The internet began as…
a.) A way to post grades for universities
b.) A government project for scientists to communicate and share ideas
c.) A music project for artists to share their music
18. Fees that apply to having a website include:
a.) Paying someone to host your site
b.) Registering your domain
c.) Paying someone to design your site if you cannot
d.) Paying someone to maintain your site if you cannot
e.) Both a & b
f.) Both c & d
g.) All of the above (a-d)
19. One of the advantages of a blog is that… (circle all that apply).
a.) Most blog sites host your site for free
b.) It’s user friendly
c.) It’s written in a chronological order.
d.) It is a great way to communicate with friends and family
What are the etiquette rules? Mark True or False.
20. T or F Be concise and to the point
21. T or F Answer all questions, and pre-empt further questions
22. T or F Never use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation
23. T or F. Answer swiftly
24. T or F Do not write in CAPITALS
25. T or F Do forward chain letters or it’s bad luck
26. T or F Use a meaningful subject
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