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Technological Development
Isra Bint Zahed
Virtual High School
SBI3U j1+
Amanda Jackson
7th November 2021
Technological Development (Part 1)
• Topic: What type of technologies have been developed in response to the shortage
of organs available for transplant?
For the past few years, the demand for organ transplantation has increased,
increasingly exceeding the supply of organs. Whether and how new or old the
technologies separately or together could be applied to replacing organs will thus
remain a question of importance, today, tomorrow, and later in the future. So many
different technologies have been developed, more useful than others. This research
paper is going to discuss three different technologies that have been invented in
response to the shortage of organs available for transplantation.
~Three points:
Organ donation is de ned as giving an organ or part of an organ to be transplanted
into another person. Organ transplantation is the only option to save lives in patients
affected by terminal organ failures and improve their quality of life.
One type of technology that has been developed is Allograft. Allograft is the
transplant of an organ between two genetically non identical individuals. Due
to the genetic difference, the donor’s organ will be treated as foreign by the
recipient and will try to destroy it. This is called a “rejection transplant”.
The second type of technology is Isograft. The transplant of organ/tissue from
a donor to genetically identical recipient is called isograft. There will not be
any immune response hence no transplant rejection.
The third type of technology is Xenograft/xenotransplantation.
Transplantation of organs/tissues forms one species to another species. For
example, the heart valve of cow is transplanted successfully to humans.
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