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Photosynthesis and
Lou Carter
4th Grade Science
How Are Plants and Animals
• Plants can make their
own food.
• Animals cannot make
their own food.
It’s question time!
What is the process by which plants make food?
* Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis is the process by which plants make food. A
green plant makes food using light energy. Green plants get light
energy from the sun.
What part of the plant produces food?
Here comes a hint!
In most plants the leaves are the
special parts where the most
food is made.
Leaves contain a chemical called chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll is the green matter in plants that traps light
energy to produce food.
Plants use water and carbon dioxide to make food.
Water is taken from the soil by the roots and travels up
the stems to the leaves. Carbon dioxide is taken from
the air. Air enters the plant through small openings
(stomata) in leaves.
Tiny openings on the underside of the leaf. Stomata is
similar to a human nose. Stomata breathes in carbon dioxide
and breathes out oxygen. The human nose breathes in
oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide.
Plants store extra food in the forms of
sugar and starch.
Sugar –
sweet grapes
Starch –
Pop quiz!
Why is energy needed by plants and
Energy is needed for growth, repair of tissues,
movement, warmth, and all other body functions.
All living things need energy. Energy comes
from food made by plants. Oxygen combines
with food and energy is released.
Once again……………
PHOTOSYNTHESIS is the process by which green
plants get light energy from the sun. This energy is
collected in the plant leaves as chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll helps the plant produce food along with
water and carbon dioxide.