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Revision 3
Electricity ch. 13
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1. What is the difference between voltage and current?
2. Name any three safety devices that are used in electrical circuits:
Use your calculator to answer the following questions below.
Show all steps of your calculation (original formula, numbers plugged in, and answer).
3. a) An electric clothes dryer is connected to a 230 V source of electric potential. If it has a
resistance of 8.9 ohms (Ω), calculate the current it draws.
b) A portable radio is connected to a 9.0 V battery and draws a current of 0.032 A.
What is the resistance of the radio?
4. Draw a circuit showing two cells (hooked up in series) which light up three light bulbs.
Of the three bulbs, one is always on and the other two are each controlled by a switch.