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Human Genome Project: Note-taking
Watch the video and answer the following questions.
1. How many base pairs are there in the human genome? 3.2 billlion
2. What is the Human Genome Project (HGP)? When was it created?
– its a consortium of 20 international centers; 1990
3. What is the mission of the HGP?
- To sequence the human genome
4. Celera is another entity that can sequence the human genome at a faster rate than
HGP. Why is it that these two were not able to agree to join their forces to complete
the mission?
- Disagreements with genetic ownership
5. How is the strategy of HGP different from Celera? Explain.
HGP - shorter base pairs = 1000 — small overlapping sequence
Celera - used long base pairs, whole unit; skipped the mapping phase –
challenge was to reconstruct the genome
6. If this was a race in sequencing the human genome, who won? Celera or HGP?
None of them. The HGConsortium is the one that completed the sequences
7. From HGP, the first chunks of DNA strand consists of how many base pairs? What
was the challenge that arose from that? How was this challenge resolved?
150,000 — it’s still long to sequence – collaboration with other centers private
& public — shorter base pairs = 1000
8. What is the name of the method used in DNA sequencing?