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PSHCE End of Term 1 Self-Assessment KS4
Topics covered:
Goal Setting/Review
How do I make decisions?
How do I see things from different perspectives?
IGCSE Reflection Talk
What is personal finance?
What is consumerism?
What do I need to consider when travelling?
What consequences do I need to consider?
Positive Growth Mindset
What did I know about these topics before lessons?
This term I have learnt:
Skills evaluation
Give yourself a rating between 10 (the highest) and 1 (the lowest) to show how
your skills in PSHE are developing.
I’ve shown appreciation for other points of view
I contribute and ask questions in class
I’ve spoken well in front of the class
I’ve shown empathy for others
I’ve worked well as part of a team
I’ve listened without interrupting my peers
I’ve worked well in a paired discussion
I am able to see both viewpoints
I would like to do more about …
I would like to improve …
Teacher comments …