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Gym located in garage
5.2 m
2.1 m
Total area of Garage gym
row machine
~14.4 mˆ2
Leg press
2.7 m
Parking space
Total area of Outside space
~82 mˆ2
lat machine
0.22 m
1.2 m
The outside component of the gym contains
enough cardio equipment for two individuals to
train in the same area. This allows for minimal
compensation when bringing a teamate, and
allows an athlete to workout with their friends.
More importantly, there is a safe distance appart
from the two rowing and bike machines, which
allow both tools to be used simultaneously.
squat rack
There is a wall system instead of a traditional door in
this area connecting the gym to the physical garage.
This is done in order to reduce the likelihood of
opening a door straight into either a gym machine or
the car, and thus preventing any forms of losses.
Exit onto open roof area
0.22 m
Plate rack
Air bike
3.5 m
Machines risk the possibility of rusting with rain and
wind. This is why the strength portion of the gym
was placed in the inside space of the garage, whilst
the cardio aspect of the gym was placed in the
outside yard. This serves both an ergonomic and
functional aspect, as having the strength equipment
inside makes the gym much more durable, but also,
it would be greatly inconvenient for them to be
residing outside due to the increased traffic and
Working out area
Air bike
Having an area, at least 15m, allows an athlete
to utilize running excercises, which are key to
every sport. The standard measurement for a
green track is 15m, and that is why the width of
the outside space is a meter or two larger than
that magnitude.
Green Space/ Astroturf ( 15m)
1.5 m
Lorem ipsum
16.5 m
A designated workout area is key to every gym. The
compound has no purpose if there is no space for the
athlete to train in. Matts and medicine balls will be
placed in here, and it will have an area of 5mˆ2.
Gym located in room
Rowing machines are spaced apart enough that two
people can be working on them and not come close to
interferring one another. rowing machine allows for
the strength built in the gym to be converted into
power and explosiveness.
Total area of Garage gym
~21 mˆ2
A deadlift deck is a great addition to the gym allowing
the athlete to focus on absolute strength. Explosive
movements such as cleans and jerks can be done here.
The athlete is relatively far away from other peices of
equipment, allowing for the execution of such sketchy
excercises with minimal risks of injury.
Ski machine
Since there is no area for
the athlete to run, aside
from the very small
workout area, it is crucial
for some form of treadmill or running platform
to reside in an athlete’s
bunker. A curved treadmill is much preferred
over a traditional one as
it allows the athlete to
mimick running patterns,
as the curved treadmill
works entirely on the
athletes force expressed
at the front of the conveyor belt.
Olympic wood
matt (1.5x0.75)
Bench is placed near the dumbell rack to
reduce the probability of injuries taking
whislt walking with dumbells. Plus, allows
for maximum performance as arms won’t
be sore after holding the dumbells from
the rack to the bench.
Designated workout area
Dumbell rack
Squat rack
A squat rack near a bench allows for variations in
push and pull excercises. An athlete can use the
squat rack to bench press by dragging the bench
inside, or can do box squats instead(allowing for
great load). They can also perform split squats and
a variety of single leg excercises, which have been
proven to deliver greater and more productive
results in perfromance, especially for running
Cardio/power section of gym
Strength section of gym
gym located outside
With the space provided, battleropes are
key to any outdoor gym, and are a great
utilization of space. They mainly work one’s
power and conditioning, and allow the
athlete for a total body workout. Having
multiple sets of these allows for multiple
athletes, thus allowing for more enjoyable
Total area of Garage gym
Pull up
Batle ropes
Workout Area
Pull up
A gym outside poses the risks of
rust and or degradation of material, considering must workout
utilities are made of metal. Having
a shedded area allows for an
athlete’s equipment to remain safe
and long lasting, even during unfavorable weather.
Area for storing free weight equipment(covered)
Pull up
Rowing machine
Rowing machine
Miscallaneous equipment
(TRX, medicine balls, swiss balls, resistance bands
kettlebells )
In many sports, running is the most important aspects
of conditioning. Some may require short bursts with
long rests, others require somewhat steady running
patterns. A 15m track allows for sport-specific speed
and agility improvement for many athletes. Plus,
running on a track instead of grass provides with a
new feel/experience, and makes the athlete well
rounded and suitable to the unexpected.
Mainly Explosive
barbell excercises
(cleans, jerks, squat,
row, shoulder press,
chest press)
5.5 m
to be
Outside space is mainly utilized for
strength and conditioning excercises, which is why the strength
opportuniites in the gym are somewaht limited. An athlete can only
perform explosive barbell excercises which fit in well with the theme
of cardio and conditioning.