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Basic Electronics
Engineering Technology
Assignment 1
Assignment Scenario:
You have recently bought an E-scrap, an electronics scrap yard, where people bring their
electronic stuff instead of throwing it away. You are to manage the materials and make sure that
the items are not immediately thrown away but dismantled and parts taken away to be used for
other tasks like building new electronics appliances. Through this assignment, you show how
you do your work and what your work involves because you need to hire an employee so that
your work is reduced.
1. List TWO different tools used to perform the following practical work when dismantling
the E-scrap.
Removing of supply cords of scarp equipment, its 3 pin plugs and fuse.
Desoldering of electronic components from printed circuit boards.
2. Match the following tools to their correct application by drawing a line between Column
A and Column B.
Column A (tools)
Column B (application)
Measurement of AC Voltage
Pipe cutter
Cutting of PVC Electrical pipe
Live wire tester
Unscrewing Screws
Bending of PVC Electrical pipe
Flat head screwdriver
Checking Live conductor
Pipe cutter
3. It is important that any worker using tools as part of his work follow Health and Safety
measures to prevent him/her from any injury.
Describe ‘four’ different preventive H&S measures that you must take before & while
using any kind of tool.
Preventive H&S Measure 1:
Preventive H&S Measure 2:
Preventive H&S Measure 3:
Preventive H&S Measure 4:
4. While working on an electrical and electronic installations one must abide by Health and
Safety practices to avoid injury.
Name ‘four’ Health and Safety practices that one must always follow and keep as a rule
of work.
Health and Safety practices
5. When a person is electrocuted, one can suffer from several types of
Outline ‘two’ different injuries to the body of a person that are caused by
an electrical shock.
Injury 1:
Injury 2:
6. In the case that your work colleague had an accident where he suffered from an electric
Describe the correct actions in four steps that you would take in such a situation
Action 1
Action 2
Action 3
7. From the different scarp equipment, you are being asked to separate
insulating and conducting materials of electricity.
Mention what is the difference between a Conductor and Insulator.
8. Another exercise that you need to conduct is to collect all the wires in the
scarp material and divide them in two boxes labelled ‘Flexible wires’ and
‘Nonflexible wires.
Outline the difference between the two types of cables.
9. One last exercise in the sorting process is to separate the cables by their colour coding.
Various coloured cables were found, which included red, brown, black, blue and
multicoloured cable green & yellow.
Interpret the difference in their colour when being used for an electrical installation &
electronic circuit.
10. With reference to the following circuits showing various configurations.
a) Identify which circuit is Closed or Open circuit.
Circuit opened or closed?
Circuit opened or closed?
Circuit opened or closed?
Circuit open or closed?
b) What is the difference between a closed circuit and an open circuit?
11. With reference to the following similar circuits which consists of a combination of
components connected in both series and parallel way.
a) Label the components which are in series and in parallel when the switch is in Position A
by writing an ‘S’ or an ‘R’ next to each component.
b) Label the components which are in series and in parallel when the switch is in Position B
by writing an ‘S’ or an ‘R’ next to each component.
12. With reference to the following circuit, which consists of a partial car circuit diagram.
c) Identify the components which are in series and parallel when light switch SW 1 is pressed.
d) Identify the components which are in series and parallel when brake pedal switch SW 2 is
13. List four items that include tools and materials used while performing the work of
desoldering components from the electronic boards
14. Figure below depicts a soldering iron station that you will be using in the soldering and
desoldering process.
Label each parts of this tool.
15. You are being asked to connect extension wires in a permanent way by soldering each
conducting wire as shown in the figure below
Describe the steps taken in the process of soldering this cable.
16. One of the measuring instruments that you will be using is a multimeter.
Label each part of the diagram.
17. A multimeter is used to measure various quantities.
Outline TWO distinct functions that a Multimeter can be used in.
Function 1:
Function 2:
18. Multi-meters are used to measure the values of current, voltage and resistance in electrical
Describe the procedure that should be conducted to accurately measure the different
quantities in the schematic shown below. To explain yourself you can include additional
drawing of the current multimeter symbol to explain of a component in an electrical circuit.
Test 1:
Measuring the Voltage across the L1
Test 2:
Measuring Current flowing in the circuit
19. When using the multimeter certain values of resistance, voltage and current
were taken.
Interpret (explain the meaning) the three metric prefixes shown on a
multimeter display explain why standard conversions (sub-units) are utilized
to write your recorded values.
Metric prefixes: V A, W and Ω
20. The following diagrams illustrate two formulas that are used to calculate
various quantities such as resistance, voltage, current and power.
In both cases outline the relationship of resistance and power in terms of
Voltage and Current.
Relationship Resistance in terms of Voltage and Current
Relationship Power in terms of Voltage and Current
21. In the below circuits Calculate the missing values by using Ohm’s law
a) When a circuit is connected to a 10V supply voltage, a current of 2A flows in the circuit.
Calculate the resistance of the circuit.
b) When a battery is connected to a 10Ω resistor, a current of 5A flows across the circuit.
Calculate the supply voltage.
22. Most of the scrap found at the E-scrap is usually wires and plugs of broken electronic
appliances. You have decided to wire all the 3 pin plugs to use them for other appliances.
a) Prepare the tools and materials needed to wire one 3 pin-plug. Make a list of these and
write them in the box below.
b) Carry out the task of wiring the three-pin plug to a cord using the correct procedure.
Photographic evidence
23. A visual inspection is conducted on the 13A plug practical. This is necessary
to insure those certain required standards are met and that your product is
of high-quality assurance.
Visual inspection of a plug will include:
inspection of casing; correct wiring order; correct insulation
stripping; wires secured properly; no missing components.
Photographic evidence
24. You have been supplied with a power tool – variable speed power drill,
having its specifications, Power 1500W operating on a 240 V mains
Choose the most suitable fuse (3A, 5A, 10A, 13A) that should be
used in its mains plug so that the equipment will be protected.
Show all your working/calculation to find the correct Fuse value.
Handheld Power Drill
Types of Fuses