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Remote Start Troubleshooting Guide
Light indicator on controller.
Needs programmed
Running correctly
A fault is recorded in
the controller
Light is solid when
The pressure
button at valve is being transducer is not
plugged in.
The lights on the valve do not turn on when the PTO is running (truck runs continuously).
1. Check that the system has power and is running. Light A should be blinking on the
controller. All other lights should be off.
2. Check that the pressure transducer is working by looking at light C. If Light C is blinking
check that the pressure transducer is plugged in and that the wiring is ok.
3. Check fuse 5 (3 amps) on the fuse panel. This is the power for the pressure transducer.
The system never times out and turns off the truck, the valve lights stay on.
1. Check the pressure in the system. If it is fluctuating more than 100 psi then the remote start
system is operating correctly. When the system detects a pressure fluctuation of over 100
psi it resets the timer(This should only happen when operating a valve). The fluctuations
need to be corrected in the hydraulics. This could be caused by air in the line, faulty relief
valve, oil contamination.
2. If the lights on the valve blink after it times out but never turns the truck off. Check that the
off signal is being received by holding in the valve button for 3 seconds. This should turn the
truck off. If it does not check the relay and or wiring for the engine off signal.
The truck will not restart.
1. Make sure the button is working correctly. When the button is pushed, light C will be solid.
Otherwise the light should be off.
2. Make sure the start/stop relay is receiving power from the controller after you hit the
button for at least 5 seconds.
3. Make sure that the start relay is closing for at least 5 seconds after the button is being
pushed. If the relay is receiving power than replace the relay.
4. Make sure the hood is not open and that the hood switch is working. Unplug the tilt switch
and see if the truck starts. If it start replace the hood switch.
5. Make sure the controller is getting a signal that the PTO switch in the cab is on by checking
the voltage to the PTO_IN wire on pin 34 of the controller (must be greater than 3 V).
6. Make sure the truck park brake is engaged and that the truck is in neutral.
7. Make sure that the pressure gage is working (light C is not blinking).
Remote Start Trouble shooting
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