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Amoeba Sisters Photosynthesis
1. Why are plants important in food webs?
2. Write the balanced equation for photosynthesis.
3. The equation for photosynthesis is similar to what reaction?
4. Why is glucose important for both plants and animals?
5. Why do plants look green?
6. What are the two processes of photosynthesis?
7. Where does the light dependent reaction take place?
8. What happens in the light dependent reactions? What does it produce?
9. What is stoma?
10. What happens in liht independent reactions?
11.What does ATP supply?
12.What does NADPH do?
13.Circle which part of the reaction deals with the light dependent reactions
and square what parts deal with the light independent reactions?
14.What is CAM photosynthesis? What is an example of an organism doing
CAM photosynthesis?