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1. What is the difference between an autotroph and a heterotroph? Name an example organism
that feeds by each method.
2. Diagram the structure of a leaf, indicated the location of the epidermis, stomata, and
mesophyll. Where are the chloroplasts?
3. How does photosynthesis work overall? How is sunlight energy used? When is sugar
4. What is the overall reaction equation for photosynthesis?
5. What are the two main reaction parts of photosynthesis. Which one requires light to
6. Describe the steps of the Light Dependent Reactions and how water NADPH and ATP are
7. Describe the steps of the Light Independent Reactions and how carbon dioxide, NADPH,
ATP and glucose sugar are involved.
8. How is the process of photosynthesis important to all living things on earth? What is a
primary producer?