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1. This gas is a raw material of photosynthesis.
3. Small openings on the underside of leaves
through which gases get exchanged.
4. Colored chemical compounds that absorb light.
5. The root word "photo" means this.
6. A plant part which contains the most number
of chloroplasts.
8. Plants obtain their supply of water through
their ________.
9. The site of photosynthesis in a plant cell.
10. This gas is a product of photosynthesis and
is necessary for life.
12. An organism that cannot make its own
food, ex. human
13. The chemical formula for ______ is C6H12O6.
14. This root word means "putting together".
2. An organism that makes it own food,
ex. rose bush
4. The process by which a cell captures the energy
in sunlight and uses it to make food.
7. In the first stage of photosynthesis plants
capture the sun's _________.
11. The main pigment found in chloroplasts.