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**Gather together the following:
BM sheet
Intake sheet
Behavior sheet
Q1hr ck sheet
Extra MD order sheet
pain sheet
If needed: coumadin
**When Resident arrives review d/c summary, compare
to hospital MAR, pg MD, give summary of what they were
in the hosp for, discharge meds, and any
discrepancies…do not use screen for med orders
**When orders are verified fill out order forms and fax
to pharmacy ... specify ppd 7-3 next day
...after they are faxed initial
**After skin assessment write orders for routine skin tx,
( dynashield, skin prep) , notify Patty Sobilo of any skin
issues, leave VM if after hours, consult Supervisor for tx
till seen by Patty
**Verify all orders on Quick Mar usually in about an hour
and initial when all orders are verified
**CCP must be filled in as much as possible, new ID
bracelet placed on wrist
**If family are present have them sign skin policy and
vac sheet that is attached to assessment packet