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Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Webquest
Name ______________________________
Task One: Explore Photosynthesis:
Go to the website for NOVA online:
Click on LAUNCH INTERACTIVE next to the green picture. Click on the tab THE CYCLE at the top of the
***If FLASH does NOT work click “Printable Version” and read it to answer the questions***
Click on the girl, click the water pot, and
finally click on the window shade.
1. Where is CO2 produced?
2. Where is O2 produced?
Click on the tab ATOMIC SHUFFLE at the top of the animation.
Click the NEXT arrows to watch the process of photosynthesis molecularly.
3. What is the overall equation (found at the end of the animation)?
Click on the tab THREE PUZZLERS at the top of the animation.
Answer the three questions and check your answers.
4. A tree inhales carbon dioxide; it needs to if it’s to survive. But can it release enough O2 to keep
just one person alive?
5. A plant needs its own food to function. It can’t make its own food at night. Beyond a few hours of
darkness, can a plant survive without light?
6. A plant that receives the nutrition it needs will continue to live, we now know. But what if we
took all of its O2 way? Do you think that the plant could still grow?
Task Two: Explore Cellular Respiration
Go to the website for Sumanas online:
Click on the Play arrow on the bottom left of the animation.
7. What is the purpose of cellular respiration?
Fill in the models below for cellular respiration and photosynthesis:
10. What is the energy output of respiration?
11. What is the energy input of photosynthesis?
12. Explain THREE similarities and/or differences of photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
TASK Three: Equation PRACTICE
Use the images to answer the following questions.
13. What molecule does the fruit represent? ______________________
14. The molecules you use in a chemical reaction are called the: ________________
15. The molecules you produce in a chemical reaction are called the: _____________
16. What are the reactants in respiration?
17. What are the reactants in photosynthesis?
18. What are the products in cellular respiration?
19. What are the products in photosynthesis?
TASK Four: Photosynthesis/Cell Respiration
20. What provides the main energy source for photosynthesis? ___________________
21. In addition to sunlight, what else does the plant need in order to carry out the process of
photosynthesis? ______________________ and _____________________
22. Which organelle in a plant cell carrier out photosynthesis? _____________________
23. Chloroplasts use water and carbon dioxide to form a simple sugar called ____________________.
24. After glucose is produced from water and carbon dioxide during photosynthesis what by product
is left over? ______________________________
25. True or False: BOTH plants and animals carry out the process of cellular respiration to energy
from glucose. (CIRCLE ONE)
26. What is the main energy source during cellular respiration? (Hint: It’s not the sun)
TASK Five: Use your notes to answer the following questions
27. What would happen to any organisms still living if all of the plants on the earth died
rapidly? Explain your reasoning.
28. Which organelle is responsible for the following processes…
a) Photosynthesis:___________________
b) Cellular Respiration:_______________
29. What are the reactants and products of photosynthesis?
a) Reactants:
b) Products:
30. What are the reactants and products of cellular respiration?
a) Reactants:
b) Products
31. Which statement best describes the relationship between the products of photosynthesis
and the reactants in cellular respiration? (STAAR 2015)
A The products of photosynthesis serve as the reactants in cellular respiration to provide chemical
B The products of photosynthesis combine with the reactants in cellular respiration to remove ATP
from cells.
C The products of photosynthesis inhibit the reactants in cellular respiration in the presence of light.
D The products of photosynthesis change the structure of the reactants in cellular respiration in the
presence of light.
TASK Five: Illuminating Photosynthesis Web Quest
” at the top of the box
1. Click on each of the following items, and explain what happens:
a.The shade over the window:
b.The container of water:
c.The child:
2. a. What gas does the child provide for the plant to use?
b. What gas does the plant provide for the child to use?
c. Will the plant continue to produce this gas if the shade over the window is closed?
3. According to this animation, what 3 main things does the plant need for photosynthesis
to occur?
4. What type of molecule is shown in the leaf? ___________________
5.Draw one of the molecules below, as it is shown in the leaf.
According to the reading, these molecules “do not come from the tap.” What two places do
they come from? (1)
6.a. What is “stripped” from each water
7.a. What gas enters the leaf? _______________________
b. This gas enters through “holes” in the leaf. What are they called? ________________
8 .Another molecule is formed (“and boy is it sweet”). What is the chemical formula?
9. What is the name of this molecule? ________________________________
For the following statements write P if it describes photosynthesis, or write R if it describes
respiration.1)Occursin the chloroplast ______________2)Occurs in the mitochondria
______________3)Uses Oxygen ________________4)Produces Oxygen ______________5)Uses Water
__________________6)Produces water _______________7)Relies directly on the sun
___________8)Producers are dependent on this process to produce food _________________9)Only
plants do this process ________________10)Plant and Animals do this process
_________________11)The goal of this process is to get ATP _________________12)The goal of this
process is to make glucose ______________