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Cell Organelle Web Quest
Objective: Upon completion of this activity, you should be able to describe the cell and identify its
parts (organelles). You should also be able to distinguish between plant and animal cells.
Watch the video “Biology: Cell Structure.” Turn on subtitles by clicking CC in the bottom right corner.
You can also click “More” under the video and look at the transcript if you need to.
1. What 3 things do all cells have in common?
2. Do plants and animals have eukaryotic or prokaryotic cells?
3. What does organelle mean? ________________ __________________
4. Where is the nucleolus and what does it make?
5. What is the difference between smooth and rough ER?
6. What is the name of the process that happens in the mitochondria?
7. What structure helps the cell maintain its shape?
8. What is chlorophyll and where would you find it?
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Click “Next” to begin the activity. Answer the following questions.
1. What do ribosomes look like?
2. They are the cell’s ___________________ factories.
3. Where could I find ribosomes in the cell?
4. The Golgi apparatus is thought of as a cellular UPS. Watch the Golgi Apparatus and explain how a
Golgi Apparatus is like UPS.
5. How many layers of membranes do mitochondria have?
6. Energy from ___________________ and other nutrients is transferred to _______ through a series
of chemical reactions.
7. Which organelle is nicknamed “suicide bag” or “garbage disposal?” ______________________
What do you think this organelle does?
8. What do peroxisomes do?
9. What is the function of the nucleus?
10. What is chromatin?
11. Which 2 macromolecules make up most of the cell membrane?
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Hover over all of the different organelles of the plant and animal cell to find out their names and
functions. Put a check for each structure that you find in a plant or animal cell. Leave it blank if it is
absent. One is done for you because it is missing from the diagram.
Cell Structures
Plant Cells
Animal Cells
1. Centrosome
2. Cell wall
3. Cell Membrane
4. Central Vacuole
5. Chloroplast
6. Nucleus
7. Endoplasmic Reticulum
8. Mitochondria
9. Vesicle
10. Ribosomes
11. Golgi Apparatus
12. Lysosome
Part IV
Click on each organelle listed in the purple. For each, Jot down their nickname and a few words about
what they do!
1. Plasma
2. Ribosomes
3. Mitochondria
Name_______________________________ Period _____________ Date ____________
4. Nucleus
5. Golgi
6. Cytoplasm
7. Lysosomes
and Peroxisomes
8. Endoplasmic
Click QUIZ. Click on the organelle described. You may use your notes. Please raise your hand and
show me when you have gotten a score of 6/10 or better.
Teacher initials____________________
Learn the 12 words on the flashcards. When you are ready, click SCATTER. Match the word with the
definition and record your final time below.
My Scatter Time___________________
Follow the link to find the matching activity. Match each organelle or cell structure with its function. It
you get all of the answers correct, you will see a star.
Part VII
Play the cell structure game. Complete as many levels as you can.