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21 Morning Ritual
Smile (1 min)
Prayer (3 min)
Deep Breathing (3 min)
Hydration (1 min) Apple Cider Vinegar
Exercise (30 min)
Rebounding (5 min)
Juicing (5 min) & Water & Enzymes
Make a Smoothie (3 min)
Say Your Vision-Purpose-Action
Recite Affirmations (4 min) While Jumping
Ask Yourself Empowering Questions (2 min) Read Book: Awaken the Giant Within
Watch An Inspiring Video (3 min)
Plan Your Day (5 min) “Tony Robbins. Time of Your Life”
Find An Accountability Buddy (10 min)
Visualization (3 min)
Show Gratitude (2 min) Journal: Write down 3 things that you are grateful for every morning. When you do so, it helps you focus on the
positive in your life.
17. Meditate (10 min) Start off the day with a calm, clear head.
18. Send A Message of Gratitude to Someone In Your Life (3 min) Start your day by taking a moment and thinking about
one person who has shaped and changed your life for the better.
19. Prayer (1 min) Book: “Zero Limits” prayer for healing by just repeating the phrase, “I love you, I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you,”
over and over again.
20. Celebrate YOU (3 min) It is so important to celebrate YOU. Oftentimes, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for our accomplishments.
21. Contribute (3 min)
There is no better way to experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment in life than to
contribute to the lives of others. Do one small thing every morning to contribute to
someone else’s life. When you do, it will create a deeper sense of meaning in your
own life.
Send a text message, write a gratitude letter, or make a phone call to someone that
has made a positive impact in your life.
You could also contribute to the lives of strangers, by giving $1 to a homeless
person every day, or giving love to
random people online, by commenting on their Facebook posts, or tagging someone
in an inspirational quote on Instagram.
Make a small difference in the world, every day. Don’t make your morning ritual to
be only about you.
The purpose of a ritual is to be able to grow and be your best in order to give to
In the words of Tony Robbins,
“It is not what we get, but who we become, and what we contribute, that gives
meaning to our lives.”