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Jessica P. Labbe
MEDT 7491
Formative Assessment
1. How is the course going for you so far (Please comment on the instruction, the technology,
course interactions, and any other issues you feel need to be addressed)?
The course is going great so far. The only issue I have really had is with my own internet at
my house. We don’t even technically have internet I work off of a hot spot and several times it
has taken hours to upload videos I have recorded. The course interactions have been good, I
do always like it when the teacher does videos or has virtual class meetings. I think it is a way
for us to feel more connected. It would be nice in the future if the dates for the project give a
little more lead way. It was hard to implement 4 weeks of instruction during the window due to
Labor Day and Fall Break, especially since we started back right on time unlike other schools.
I would also like to add it is super stressful this semester trying to take two courses to
graduate, the GACE assessment, teach virtual and face to face as well as complete a portfolio.
It seems like I have so many things due all at once and I am not real sure how I will get it all
done and not have a nervous break down.
2. What do you feel are the greatest advantages in taking this course?
One great advantage of this course is the fact it is virtual and you can work at your own
pace. The other advantage is the fact that we are implementing 4 weeks of instruction that
we designed which has had lots of value.
3. What are the biggest limitations of this course?
The only limitation I have found is just not getting to have live discussions or get to know my
classmates very well. I do wish some of the discussions would be non-written, maybe on
FlipGrid or some other interactive platform.
4. Have you had any difficulties with the course? If so, could you please explain what they have
My only difficulty was the implementation of the online instruction which took place during
two breaks so I was only able to implement three weeks of it and the fourth week feel after
the date range. I also felt like I really had trouble keeping up with feedback for my students
since I had 50+ students and then another completely different course to teach 5 days a
week from 8-3:05. I feel like as a true virtual instructor you would have way more time built
in for feedback and grading.
5. What suggestions for improvements do you have to offer?
I feel like I say this every time but having some virtual class meetings even if it is just a
check in to see how everyone is doing. Also I would love some videos from the instructor so
we could get to know her a little better.
6. What are the strengths of course content?
The strengths of this course is how applicable it is and how we are learning from doing and
implementing as well as reviewing others courses. Another strength of this course has been
the grading and feedback. You have done an excellent job giving timely feedback and that
has not always been the case in the courses I have taken here at UWG. I would also like to
say you have been very responsive through email and answered many questions. I thank you
so much for this!
7. Weaknesses of course content
I wish there was more virtual interaction among classmates. I also think sometimes I cannot
give an accurate review of some one else’s course if it is out of my grade range. Like
elementary school for example, I feel completely lost when I review an early childhood class
because I am not sure about pacing and such. However, I do understand it would be really
hard to match everyone up accordingly.
8. Recommendations related to course content
Increase the date range for implementation so that holidays do not fall in the middle of it.
My other recommendation would be to add some virtual class meetings into the class.