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This essay is devoted to the topic of maternity leave for fathers. Having a child is a
physical and psychological stress for the body. But joy for the family. In our state,
patriarchy and, therefore, parental leave remains with the mother. But there are
individual cases when fathers take leave. Vacation for a man is psychological
difficult. Because our society is not used to this. Even some employers believe that
fathers do not participate in the birth of a child and do not need a vacation. My
opinion remains with the mother. I do not mind that men go on vacation. I support
that the conditions are the same. But are our men ready? Is our society ready? After
all, everything is interconnected.
Parental leave is given so that parents get used to a new status. A woman takes care
of her health and worries all nine months. Prepares for childbirth. After childbirth, a
woman is exhausted and needs proper care. After all, the body of women is restored
in different ways. And the psychological woman also needs support. In such
moments it would be wonderful if the husband is a support. But the family's expenses
will not decrease. And therefore, for a man, the priority is to earn and provide for
his family. pay a man's vacation.
I am a mother of three children. And this topic is very close to me. I became a mother
at a young age. At that moment I was in my second year. All nine months I attended
classes, like everyone else. Then after the birth of the child during the holidays I was
recovering. I was helped by my parents and the parents of my husband. The husband
worked. For men, too, it takes time to get used to.At the university I was offered
academic leave. But I did not take it. I had assistants. Then in the fourth year I gave
birth to my second daughter. Then I took leave before and after giving birth for about
two months. Then I went back to school. It was difficult.
Our state does not take into account that many girls over the age of eighteen are
already getting married. This age coincides with studies. And apart from academic
leave, a girl cannot choose. And in such conditions, a man's vacation would be
advisable. But also it all depends on the employers, whether they are willing to pay
parental leave or not.
In conclusion, the role of men in raising children should not be overlooked. It is
necessary to encourage male parents to make not only an economic, but also a social
contribution to the upbringing of the family. Employer-paid parental leave is the
embodiment of this ideal concept.