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A Quarterly Publication of COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION
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Time to Switch! Move Your Accounts
to Community Credit Union
Credit unions across
the country offer
a better deal to
consumers than
most banks do. The
benefits of credit
union membership
take many forms,
including lower rates
on loans, higher rates
on deposits, fewer and
lower fees, and innovative
and convenient ways to access
your accounts.* We are dedicated to the
credit union motto: Not for profit, not for
charity, but for service.
That’s quite a contrast to banks, which
often look for ways to pick money out of your
pocket so they can use it to line the pockets
of their shareholders. Common complaints
from bank customers include:
• Fees that pop up unexpectedly.
• Getting the runaround when they need help.
• Rules that favor the bank’s profits rather
than the customer’s financial well-being.
• High minimum balances and other onerous
requirements to avoid fees.
You Deserve Better
If you’re fed up, it’s time to switch!
Consolidating all your accounts at
Generation Y: Poised
to Change the Future
6 Tips for Traveling
with Friends
Community Credit Union can make
managing your finances more convenient
and less costly. You’re a member here, and
an owner, too. That means we’re always
looking for ways to help you succeed as
you work toward your financial goals.
Call 1-800-757-7302
or 256-543-7302 or
visit us online at for
more information.
Independence Day
Wednesday, July 4
* Source: Credit Union
National Association,
Think You Can’t Get
Away? Think Again
Expansion Plans?
Look to CCU for Funding
Labor Day
Monday, Sept. 3
Women Business Owners: Tips for
Getting Ahead and Staying on Top
Generation Y
Poised to Change the Future
Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are young adults born
between 1981 and 1999. There are 77 million Gen Yers who now
work, play and vote within the workplaces and marketplaces of the
U.S. How do these young adults stack up to previous generations?
1. Millennials are fluent in technology. They have not known a
world without Internet, cell phones and computers. Many believe
technology helps to enhance their lives by making work easier
while allowing them to stay in touch with family and friends.
2. They bring a lot to the workplace. Potential employers have
many educated candidates to choose from. More than one in
five Americans 18 to 34 years old has a bachelor’s degree, and
14% of those 25 to 34 years old has or is working toward a
graduate degree.*
3. They know when to be frugal. Because technology can
help consumers find the best purchase price, Millennials often
spend less on the purchases they make. They also base many
of their purchases on peer reviews and recommendations,
rather than advertising.
4. Millennials are optimistic. As a group, they are generally
optimistic about their future and excited to take on new projects
and challenges. They are oftentimes adaptable and receptive to
change, great traits to have in this ever-evolving world.
Put Technology to Work for You
At Community Credit Union, we offer many services to make your
life easier. Check out our online banking and CU e-Branch to
streamline your on-the-go finances. Call 1-800-757-7302 or
256-543-7302 or visit for more information.
* Source: U.S. Census Bureau,
6 Tips for Traveling with Friends
If you remember the popular 1950s sitcom,
“I Love Lucy,” you may recall that best friends
and neighbors, Lucy and Desi Arnaz and
Ethel and Fred Mertz, loved doing everything
together. A group vacation, however, nearly
ruined their friendship.
Lots of friends decide that taking a vacation
together could be more enjoyable than
traveling alone. With these common sense
tips you can help ensure that you remain
friends following the trip, too.
1) Share the planning. Selecting a
destination and what activities you’ll be
doing can be great fun when it’s a group
decision. Perhaps you share a common
interest or hobby, such as touring
museums or playing golf. Consider
planning your trip around what you
have in common.
2) Make advance arrangements.
Booking travel, accommodations and
some activity reservations ahead of time
can reduce decision making and stress
during the trip itself.
3) Respect each other’s budgets. If one
friend has a stricter travel budget than the
others, consider making choices that stay
within monetary guidelines for all parties.
4) Look out for each other. A major
benefit of traveling in a group is greater
safety. You can also help each other if
anyone needs assistance.
5) Be willing to compromise. Unplanned
opportunities may pop up during your
travels. Don’t be afraid to stray from your
itinerary to stroll through a street bazaar
or stop for photo opportunities. Try to
be flexible so that everyone gets to do
something that interests them.
6) Remember you are friends. Most trips
come with minor setbacks. Going with the
flow and respecting each other’s feelings
goes a long way toward remaining friends
once back home.
Your Financial Travel Companion
Your Community Credit Union debit card
or credit card makes managing vacation
finances convenient and secure. Your
card makes it easy to book flights and
accommodations in advance and pay for
purchases during your travels.
A Quarterly Publication of COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION
Coming Soon
to Community
Credit Union
The name of the Credit Union’s
discretionary overdraft program
will soon change from Courtesy
Pay to Privilege Plus Protection.
Additionally, the way in which
the daily overdraft limits are
determined will be converted to a
dynamic format and may change
from time to time. Continue to
check your upcoming statements
and other Credit Union publications for further information and
effective dates.
Think You Can’t Get Away? Think Again
The idea of taking a summer vacation worries many small business owners so much that
they decide against taking a break. Yet taking a vacation is valuable and can even help
your business in the long run.
Consider these benefits: You come back refreshed, with new energy and enthusiasm to
lead your business. A vacation allows you to do the kind of long-term, big-picture thinking
that the busyness of daily operations does not. Also, taking a vacation can
uncover problems with processes and procedures you’ve set up.
Fixing them leads to a better, stronger business.
Try these tips for getting away for a vacation:
• Begin planning far in advance, and delegate
responsibilities to people you can trust.
• Determine when the slowest times are for your
business, and schedule your vacation then.
• Clear your schedule for a day or two following your
return so you can catch up.
• Give your contact information to one person in case
an emergency arises.
Bon voyage!
Expansion Plans?
Look to CCU for Funding
There are plenty of ways a small business
can grow, such as expanding product and
service lines or entering new markets. But
sometimes just duplicating a successful
operation by opening another location is the
simplest approach.
If you’re thinking of adding one or more
locations, be sure to do your homework
before making a move. Finding answers
to these questions can help you determine if
this will be a positive step for your company.
Key Questions
• If yours is a business-to-business firm, do
you have existing clients in the area where
you’re considering opening a new space?
• If you sell to consumers, is there a demand
for your products or services in the area
you’re thinking of expanding to? Consider
the area’s demographics, economy,
competitors and costs to do business,
including hiring local employees.
• Have you assessed the policies and
procedures that make your business a
2012 Annual Meeting —
A Great Success!
Thank you to all of the 700+ members who
showed up in record numbers to celebrate
the life of Community Credit Union!
Great food, giveaways, the tornado of
money, a flash mob and Sister Act were
some of the highlights of this incredible
event! It was a night to remember.
Next year, don’t miss out … you never
know what is going to happen at CCU!
We love our members!
success? In order to replicate them at a
new location, they’ll need to be clearly
• Will you be able to adequately monitor the
performance of employees at all locations
and ensure that they all understand and
implement the company’s values?
• How will you finance the new location?
A business specialist at Community Credit
Union may be able to help you answer this
question. We have money to lend, and we’ll
take the time to understand your business’s
needs so we can find a solution that
works for you. Call 1-800-757-7302 or
256-543-7302 to schedule an appointment
with a business specialist today!
Relay for Life …
Thank you to all of our members and
employees for helping us raise over
$5,300 for Relay for Life!
It was an amazing display of team work
and compassion as hundreds of people
came together to raise money for the
Cure for Cancer!
TOLL FREE 1-800-757-7302
Main Office
Women Business Owners
Tips for Getting Ahead and Staying on Top
Ronald Patrick
Gary Kennedy
Vice Chairman
Hersey Taylor
Greg Gregerson
Don Smith
Charles Atchley
Kenneth Simmons
Sandy Battles
Robert Davis
Alice Haley
Join Our Friends
and “Like”
Credit Union!
In 1968, television commercials told
women, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”
Today, women have come even further;
to the point of owning 40% of the
nation’s businesses. These companies
employ more than 13 million people and
generate $1.9 trillion in sales, according
to the National Association for Women
Business Owners, making it the fastest
growing segment in the economy.
Approximately half of all femaleowned companies focus on repair and
maintenance; personal and laundry
services; health care and social
assistance; and professional, scientific
and tech services. Income generated
by many of these businesses is below
$1 million – a threshold some experts
believe is self-imposed by women who
prefer not to give up their personal lives
for the break-neck pace that is required
to jockey a thriving business to the top.
But, your business can still be successful
without giving up anything.
Business as Usual
These best practices can help you grow
your business at a reasonable pace.
• Make dollars and sense a priority.
Financial knowledge is key to growth.
Know what to do with a balance sheet,
how to crunch the numbers and
understand cash flow. If that’s not
your strength, seek help from a mentor,
business partner or accountant.
• Be aware of the human element.
Women tend to make staffing decisions
as though they were dealing with family.
Being able to see what’s good for the
business and how the staff fits into
that scenario takes communication.
Listen to your staff’s perspective,
but don’t lose sight of business
best practices.
eek advice. No one works well in
a vacuum. Form an advisory board
with other business owners. Board
members can exchange tips on
marketing and business management
strategies as well as new ideas and
critical analysis of your tactics.
• Consider temporary employees.
Expanding a business doesn’t
necessarily mean hiring permanent
employees. The recent bad economy
has many talented people seeking jobs
through temp agencies. Hiring contract
workers can be a wise tactical move.
You’ll have skilled workers without the
high cost of benefits.
eep on the tech track. Stay
in touch with technological tools
that can advance your business
such as electronic transfer,
money-management software
and social media.
Let Us Help Your Business
When it comes to your business,
business specialists at Community
Credit Union have a thorough
knowledge of the latest technology
and software to keep your business
growing. Our representatives can also
help you manage your cash flow and
balance sheets.
To learn more, call 1-800-757-7302 or
256-543-7302 or visit
Community Credit Union Wins
2012 Gadsden Times Readers Choice Awards
2012 Best Credit Union • 2012 Best Home Mortgage Lender
Amber Garmany and Debbie Daniel, Best of the Best Teller Award
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2012 Best of the Best Marshall County Readers Choice Awards
Best Credit Union • Best Finance Company • Becky Myrick,
Best Financial Consultant
A Quarterly Publication of COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION
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