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Eye Health Examination
No, if you fall into one of the listed groups then you can simply contact the
optometrist and make an appointment.
What are the warning signs of eye disease?
Identifying the warning signs can be difficult. You can't always see the
problems by looking in a mirror, and many of the diseases have no pain or
discomfort - so it's important to have your eyes checked.
Is the new eye examination the same as a sight test?
No, it is different from the routine sight test for glasses. The Eye Care Initiative
eye examination focuses particularly on the health of your eye. An optometrist
who is registered with the scheme will thoroughly check your eyes for any
signs of disease. Also, the PEARS and WEHE eye exams are free of charge
for the patient provided they fulfil the criteria for having the PEARS or WEHE
eye exam.
Where can I have the eye health examination?
A list of optometrists in your area who are taking part in the scheme is
How often should I have the examination?
If you are having the examination because you have an acute eye problem
then the optometrist will advise you. If you fall into any other group, e.g. you
have ethnic family origins, or you have a hearing impairment, we recommend
that you should have the examination once every year.