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Chapter 8 Lesson 4 and 5 Vocabulary words
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Lesson 4: Go with the Flow
1. pore space – the space between soil particles
2. water table – the upper area of the groundwater
3. runoff – the water that flows over the Earth’s surface but does not
evaporate or soak into the ground
4. transpiration – a plants release of excess water vapor through the
stomata on the underside of the leaves
Lesson 5: Water Please!
1. irrigation – a way to get water into the soil by artificial means
2. water treatment plant - a place where water is made clean and
3. filtration – the passing of water through materials that remove
4. sewer – a large pipe that carries sewage to a sewage treatment
5. septic tank – an underground tank in which sewage is broken down
by bacteria
6. water conservation – the use of water saving methods
Additional words:
1. watershed – an area of land that drains or “sheds” all of the water
on it into the same river, lake, or other body of water
2. lotic water - moving water such as creeks, streams and rivers which
flow in one direction
3. lentic water - standing water such as ponds, lakes and swamps