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What we do?
Environmental Risk Sciences provides cost-effective human health and environmental risk
assessment services as tools to identify the most appropriate approaches for sound
environmental decision making.
We believe that there are substantial flexibilities that can be considered and that, through the use of
science-based approaches, risk assessment can be a powerful tool for the assessment of a wide
range of contaminants in the environment from existing and proposed sources to assist in planning
for the development of sites, the closure of sites, site remediation, and management of
environmental liabilities.
Services include the following:
Human health and environmental risk assessments for contaminated sites
Human health and environmental risk assessments for existing or proposed industrial
Development of site specific remediation criteria and identification of risk
management measures
Undertaking vapour intrusion assessments including collection and evaluation of data
and modelling
Development of human health and environmental based guidelines for soil, water or
air (national and site specific)
Assessing pesticide risk and providing technical registration support
Chemical toxicity reviews
Risk-based ranking, planning, and evaluation
Development of methods, models, and guidance
Evaluation of exposure and risk issues related to incidents
Identifying, evaluating, and managing persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT)
Modelling environmental pathways and assessing exposures for a wide variety of
Health impact assessment and support
Specialist technical review and Auditor support
Our risk assessment group is committed to problem solving in the most appropriate and realistic
manner possible using state-of-the-art/best practice principles; current regulatory guidance
(national and international); and information from the scientific literature.
Current Projects
Recently our work has included:
Risk assessments for sites contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, metals,
chlorinated solvents, dioxins, PFCs and pesticides around Australia
Risk assessments for existing and proposed industrial sites
Development/review of Health Investigation Levels for the NEPM (Assessment of Site
Development of remediation guidelines for clandestine drug laboratories
Development of guidance for undertaking petroleum vapour intrusion assessments at
contaminated sites
Risk assessments for fumigants
Development of a health impact assessment for a significant commonwealth
Specialist auditor support for a range of high profile contaminated sites
Providing training to undergraduates, post graduates and professionals
Our People
Jackie Wright has over 25 years’ experience in human health and environmental risk
assessment in Australia. Experience includes leading and developing a national risk practice group
for a major consultancy, training of staff, providing technical (and toxicological) direction,
developing national guidance (including the 2013 NEPM Revision and CRC Technical Reports),
participating in the development on industry guidance and standards, developing appropriate risk
models and providing high level peer-review. Areas of expertise include toxicological review and
evaluation of chemicals in line with Australian regulatory requirements, human health and
environmental risk assessment, pesticide exposure assessments, exposure pathway modelling
including vapour migration and intrusion modelling and measurement, indoor air quality
assessment, environmental monitoring, and the assessment of air emissions and air toxics. She
has been involved in the sampling, evaluation and assessment of vapour intrusion risks at a wide
range of sites that include petroleum hydrocarbon, chlorinated hydrocarbons and elemental
mercury contamination. In addition Jackie is currently undertaking further PhD research work in
relation to public health (in particular child) exposures associated with the operation of
clandestine drug laboratories in Australia.
Therese Manning has 25 years’ experience in human health and ecological risk
assessment in Australia and has worked in the area of analytical and environmental
chemistry since 1987. Experience includes undertaking risk assessments, reviewing risk
assessments, training staff, providing a centre of excellence within the NSW EPA in risk
assessment, environmental chemistry, ecotoxicology, the regulatory context for technical
issues and technical policy development. Therese’s expertise includes risk assessment
approaches for chemicals; assessment of fate, transport and toxicology of hazardous
chemicals; fate, transport and toxicology of persistent organic pollutants; regulation of
chemicals management; communication of risks and chemical processes; promotion of
science relating to chemicals; science of endocrine disrupting chemicals; organic and
inorganic chemistry; analytical chemistry techniques; design of chemical monitoring
programs for pollution control licenses; and technical writing and editing.
Ruth Jarman has 13 years’ experience in providing practical high level technical advice
to assist clients in the Environmental and Contaminated Land Industries. She specialises in
the completion of human health and environmental risk assessments (including toxicology
assessments, vapour intrusion modelling and exposure assessments, collection of
environmental monitoring data for risk assessment, and risk communication) and providing
support for Environmental Auditors. Since commencing work in the risk assessment field in
2007 she has completed over 30 risk assessments for sites in Victoria, NSW and Queensland
for a large variety of chemicals (including metals, petroleum hydrocarbons,
perfluorochemicals (PFCs), dioxins and furans and PCBs) and exposure pathways. Between
2007 and 2009 she completed a Masters in Applied Science (Toxicology) part-time to
cement her expertise in this area. She has provided support to 4 Environmental Auditors on
over 20 s.53X or s.53V Statutory Environmental Audits and has previously worked as the
senior project manager for simple through to complex contaminated land assessment and
remediation projects.
Environmental Risk Sciences Pty Ltd
6 Wilshire Ave
Carlingford NSW 2118
E: [email protected]
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P: +61 2 9614 0297
F: +61 2 8215 0657