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FY 2017 ACH Grant Application Form
Grant Application for the following categories ONLY:
 Enhancements
 Reenactments
Includes Organization Information and Sections 1 - 6
Organization Information and Sections 1-4. Please complete the response.
Section 5 is the Grant Budget Detail Form.
Section 6 documents to be attached as PDF’s
Signature Page
Complete all Sections as required and Save as a PDF File and submit by email to [email protected]
not later than the deadline of June 2, 4 PM. Mail or deliver two original signature pages to St Johns
Cultural Council, 15 Old Mission Avenue, St Augustine 32084 by 4 pm June 6.
Applicants should refer to the scoring rubric for guidance in preparing the application.
Section 1: Applicant Organization Information
Applicant Organization:
Applicant FEIN:
Contact Person Name:
Applicant address:
Applicant telephone:
Applicant email:
Applicant website:
Name and title of Chief Staff Person if different from above:
Name and title of President/Chair Board of Directors:
Year Organization Founded:
State of Florida Corporation Document Number:
Guidestar link:
Section 2: Program/Event Summary Information
This Section is worth up to 10 Points
Event Program Title:
ACH Grant Category (please check): _____Enhancement; ______Reenactment
Proposed Date(s) of Program/Event:
Program/Event Narrative Summary: In no more than 150 words, summarize the program/event for which you
are requesting funds:
Location of Program/Event Venue:
Has applicant received or applied for appropriate permit(s): _____Yes _____No _______N/A
Projected Total Attendance:
Projected Tourist Attendance:
Explain how these figures were determined:
Projected Overnight Stays (explain in Section 3):
Grant Amount Requested:
Matching (cash or in-kind) Funds:
Organization Financial Information
Projected Total Operating Budget for Grant Request Year
Projected Total Operating Budget for Applicant’s Current Fiscal Year
Attach PDF: Current Balance Sheet most recent month end:
Attach PDF: Most recent IRS 990 (990 ez):
Full time employees:
Part Time employees/contracts:
# Volunteers:
Total Attendance for most recent completed year:
Complimentary/free (explain very large numbers):
Please explain in no more than 100 words any other organization information that will provide the Panel
confidence in the Applicant’s administrative or financial ability to implement the proposed event/program:
Section 3: Marketing Plan to Generate Cultural Tourism
This Section is worth up to 50 Points
Note to applicants: While there is no limit on the text length of responses to the following questions,
applicants are cautioned to be brief and to the point. Panelists have asked for clear, concise specific
information. What is the overall marketing and advertising strategy? Who is the target market(s) and
demographics? Explain how the event will encourage a visitor to come to St. Johns County to attend the
program or event or, if a visitor is already here, why they would attend. Will a visitor come early or stay
longer because of the event. Why it is different from what a visitor can experience in his/her own community.
Worth 20 Points
Overall Strategy:
Target Market and Demographics:
Advertising and Promotion implementation:
Why visitors will come early or stay longer.
Why is the event/program different?
1. Detail the “out of county” marketing and advertising plan. Include projected paid media such as print,
radio, TV, web, and other paid advertising. Provide details on the actual number of print pieces and
where distributed and projected costs, projected number of ad placements including which publications
or electronic media outlets and projected costs. Include projected run dates for website advertising
showing the projected number of impressions, website hits, unique page views, etc., reached and market
placements. Be sure to provide detail on advertising placement and marketing plans that will generate
additional overnight stays. Describe how the plan will allocate 25% of the Contract (Grant) Award to “incounty” promotion through the lodging industry, if applicable. Explain the public relations (free) plan
including number of press releases, placement, and dates. Show total projected costs for out of county
marketing at the end of the statement. Costs shown here should match the Budget Detail in Section 4.
Worth 20 Points
Paid Media types to be utilized:
Where paid media will be placed/distributed:
Number of ads and/or print pieces:
Proposed schedule of ad(s) placed:
Describe website advertising and projected analytics:
Describe how the applicant will allocate 25% to in-county lodging industry promotion if applicable:
Describe the free publicity and promotion plans:
2. Explain the projected number of tourists that will attend and any overnight stays projected in Section 2
and how this was calculated. Also include any “generation of incremental economic activity” and how
this was calculated. Worth 5 Points
3. Describe the evaluation methodology to track and determine success of the stated marketing plan. How
will it be known if your plan was effective? Worth 5 Points
Note: Marketing and advertising budget costs should also equal the totals on the Budget Detail form. If the
marketing and advertising budget includes use of the required matching funds, make sure to include those in
the total.
Section 4: Program /Event Narrative
This Section is worth up to 40 Points
Describe the program/event content for which funds are being requested (festival, concert,
exhibition, and the like) with sufficient detail to explain how a quality visitor experience will be delivered and
that differentiates St. Johns County and the event/program from other destinations. Include brief biographies
of the performers, artists, exhibition curatorial information that demonstrates then quality of the individual
artists, performers, participants and the curatorial excellence of exhibitions. Worth 20 Points
Program/event content:
How the event/program demonstrates a quality visitor experience:
Brief biographies of participants:
Describe the involvement of other non-arts/culture/heritage participants such as volunteers,
technicians, administrative staff and the qualifications of how those support personnel will ensure delivery of
a quality visitor experience. If volunteer hours will be used as match, describe the tasks and positions and
approximate hours volunteers will work. Include a description of educational or ancillary activities that
enhance the visitor experience. Worth 20 Points
Role of non-arts culture heritage participants:
Volunteer Position/task description for matching funds:
Describe additional educational activities that enhance the visitor experience:
Section 5. Grant Proposal Budget Detail
Note to applicant: Complete the Budget Detail, save as a PDF and copy and paste in the space below.
Section 6: Additional Required Documents
Attach Required Documents as PDF’s
A. Overall Annual Program /Event Schedule for current year
B. Partnership or Fiscal Sponsorship Agreements if applicable
C. IRS Determination letter
D. Organization Annual Financial Statements if less than $25,000 Recent Year Revenue
E. Florida Charitable Annual Report and Financial Statement
F. Board of Directors List with contact information
Signature Page
Print two Signature Pages that should be signed by the person authorized to enter into legal agreements
on behalf of the applicant. The signatures must be original. Please mail or deliver to the St. Johns Cultural
Council, located at 15 Old Mission Avenue, no, later than 4:00 PM, Monday, June 6, 2016. Applications
will not be eligible for Panel Review until Signature pages are received:
Applicant Organization: ____________________________________________
Authorized Official Name: __________________________________________
Authorized Official Title: ____________________________________________
Signature: ________________________________________________________
Date Signed: ______________________________________________________
Rev. 4.19.16