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Athletic Trainer MI Job Posting #11
TITLE: Assistant Athletic Trainer
COMPANY: Blitz University
The mission of the Blitz University Athletics Department is to enhance the quality of life for students by
providing competitive activities that will produce young men and women able to become constructive
contributing members of society and to help them realize their full potential. We embrace our role as a part of the
total educational experience and strive to provide programs that are not only diversified but that are specifically
designed to teach athletic skills and to instill good character and sound moral values.
This position is responsible for assisting the Athletic Trainer/Sports Medicine staff in providing services (i.e.
evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries to all student athletes). Primary duties include, but are
not limited to:
 Assisting with daily operations of the athletic training room and treatment areas
 Assisting with record keeping, supply inventory management and transporting of student athletes to offcampus doctor appointments
 Helping with physical examinations and physical fitness screening
 Assisting with pre-game taping, bandaging or bracing, providing first-aid to athletes injured during
 Keeping current and informed of new trends, techniques and strategies relating to sports medicine by
attending clinics, workshops, conferences and conventions
 Adhering to and monitoring all NCAA and conference rules and regulations
 Reporting any violation of NCAA rules and regulations to the appropriate officials
 Ensuring that the program is administered and conducted with all NCAA, SWAC, TAUMS, PVAMU
and Athletic departmental rules and regulations, policies and procedures at all times
Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education or Health & Kinesiology
Preferred Education:
Master’s Degree in Health, Physical Education, or Kinesiology
1-3 years of experience in Sports Medicine
Preferred Experience:
3 or more years of post-certification work experience in a Division 1 collegiate
level environment
Preferred Knowledge/Skills:
Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations
Good Written and Verbal Communication Skills
Ability to organize and manage time wisely
Ability to lift objects in excess of 50 pounds
Preferred Licenses/
Texas Licensed Athletic Trainer and/or
*National Athletic Trainer Association [NATA] Board of Certification [BOC]
All NATA BOC certified trainers will be required to obtain their Texas State
Licensure within 6 months of hiring