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Thursday May 25, 2017
Seismic Risk Management
Session 4B
This session will explore 2 sections related to Seismic Risk.
The 2015 National Model Building Code, Part 4: Structural Design includes a number of provisions
related to Earthquake Load and Effects.
The first part of this session will highlight the new requirements and provisions related to:
• Seismic Design Data for Selected Locations in Canada
• Supplemental Energy Dissipation (supplemental damping)
• Low Hazard Zones - methodology for low hazard earthquake zones
• Inclined Columns - gravity-induced lateral demands
• Seismicity – updates on values of seismic hazard in the seismic hazard model and on method for
determination of design spectral acceleration
• Single storey buildings with steel or wood diaphragms
• Elevators and Racking Storage Systems
• Glass Glazing systems in buildings
• Foundation provisions
The second part of this session will provide an overview of some of the work NRC has in progress related
to Seismic Risk Management of Existing Buildings.
• The Proposed Framework for Seismic Risk Management of Existing Buildings
• Seismic Risk Assessment of Existing Buildings vs Seismic Design of New Buildings
• New Seismic Risk Screening Tools under Development
• Key criteria for Seismic Risk Screening of Existing Buildings
• Available Seismic Evaluation Guidelines to be updated
• Available Seismic Retrofit Guidelines to be updated
Jason Urquhart, P.Eng is the Manager of NMS at NRC’s
Codes Canada, and is leading a newly formed team to
undertake developments and enhancements to NMS. In his
previous role as Technical Advisor, he supported the
Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes
(CCBFC) Standing Committees in the development of the
National Building Code of Canada (NBC). He was
responsible for developing and providing information to
code users across Canada and replies to inquiries on
Part 9 of the NBC with a focus on structural issues. Before
joining NRC, Jason worked in the construction industry in
the design and fabrication of engineered wood products.
Rick Zaporzan, International MBA, has worked in business
development and management with NRC for the past 15
years. This work included 10 years with NRC’s Surface
Transportation group, and most recently as a Client
Relationship Leader for NRC Construction.
His Construction work focuses on Civil Engineering and
Infrastructure, NMS, Building Regulations and High
Performance Buildings.