Download Checklist, What to Bring: ___Remaining registration fee (if

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Checklist, What to Bring:
___Remaining registration fee (if applicable)
___Warm clothes, including boots, gloves, hats and scarves (bring plenty so we can
play outside!)
___Plenty of dry clothes to change into after playing outside.
___Tennis shoes to wear for climbing the rock wall.
___Slippers to wear inside so you can leave snowy boots outside
___Notebook/journal and pen/pencil
___Bedding and pillow
___Towels, toiletries, etc.
What not to bring:
Cell phone
iPod, tablets, or other electronic devices
Tobacco, alcohol or illegal substances
Food and drinks (water bottles are fine)
Extra cash (unless you wish to purchase camp store items)
**All prescription and over-the-counter medicines must be turned in and dispensed
by a designated camp staff member. Please bring medications in their original
containers, with the original label, preferably in a zip-lock bag with the camper’s
name on the outside. Fill out the form below and include it in the bag with the
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Medication Instructions
Camper’s Name: _______________________________________________
Name of Medication
What time is it to be
Parent’s Signature _______________________________
Date _____________