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March 6, 2016
Bethel Education Option – Prof. Rod Spidahl
Holy War: Historical & Religious Setting
■ Always a force in Islam – proven by its immediate familiarity
among all Muslims
■ The bloodiest war of the 2nd half of the 20th century-Both
declared Jihad
■ Gentler Muslims emphasize the “Greater Jihad”
■ Christian Crusades were called holy war—Muslims
■ Joshua destroyed men, women, children and animals.
■ Psalm 137 has violent emotion expressed
Hadith on Jihad
■ After prayers and obedience to parents, Jihad is the
3rd highest obligation (1:300;10.5.505). PrayerParents-Jihad.
■ Conversion to Islam can be forced “Fight the people
until they say, ‘None has right to worship except
ALLAH and whoever ways it will save life and
property.’” (2;274;24.I.483 Al-Bukhari)
Theocratic Logic
■ If all the world is ruled by [name of god], then all things and
people belong to [name of god] and [name of god] people
can act to fulfill that right by power
■ All cattle in the world belong to [god of the Pul]; therefore
the Pul people have the right to claim and take back
anyone’s cattle who is not Pul.
■ All the world belongs to Allah & Islam (theocracy) therefore
Muslims may take all that is in the world with impunity.
■ Hadith “Know that the land [of all the earth] is for Allah and
His Apostle [Muhammad]
Muhammad sends assassins – See
Parshall, Understanding Muslim Teachings
and Traditions, page 104-105
Hadith 5:253-55;59
■ “Allah’s Apostle sent Abudullah bin Atik
and Abdullah bin Utba with a group of
men to Abu Rafi (to kill him)…..”
A Biblical Response to Jihad
The Mercy Muslims know…
■ Muslims have no mediator but the “mercy” of their
law (shariah). See, Shariah: The Threat To America:
An Exercise In Competitive Analysis (Report of Team
B II) Paperback – September 22, 2010 “…concerned
with the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time:
the legal-political-military doctrine known within
Islam as shariah. It is designed to provide a
comprehensive and articulate "second opinion" on
the official characterizations and assessments of
God so loved the world… can we love
the world?
■ All of the Muslim’s hopes rest on one person and his words:
■ Scripture offers over 40 authors in 66 books and all
illuminate Christ and/or God’s plan of salvation
■ Muslims cannot know if they are forgiven or if they will go to
paradise (unless they die in a Jihad)
■ If you love someone does that mean you also want them to
know of the forgiveness that is ours in Jesus Name?
As the Father has sent me, in that way, I
send you…
■ Love is the most basic need of all people and there is no
Islamic word or concept for the agape love we have in Christ
our Lord
■ Muslims may claim the Bible has been changed, gently but
assuredly ask them to show the time and place. Be ready to
offer evidence on the manuscripts, the Dead Sea scrolls
and so forth, but do not “camp” on it
ALLAH as the Quran presents him is distant (except
for Sufi’s and some other sects) so they are looking
for other means to connect with God… this includes
religious observances, animism, social-leader
attachment and political activism
Jesus is the one true mediator, the way the truth and
the life (John 14:6)
We are called not only to belong to
Christ… but to suffer for Him- Phil. 1:29
■ Islam has no cross and often is seeking to remove
■ Islam has no real theology of suffering but does
promote a theology of glory and power. Incha Allah is
the only answer
■ Islam is theocracy and must advance politically and
religiously to be assured of Allah’s blessing
“I fill up what is lacking in Christ’s
■ We can show the power of God through the cross as
we “fill up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ”,
as God calls us (Colossians 1:24)
■ Suffering is not a sign of defeat, but of our Lord’s
authority and power (Rev 5:6; see also Acts 9:16; 1
Peter 2:21
How can they come if they do not
know? Rom. 10:14
■ Can resolve the tension between what the Muslims
says is a blessing upon Ishmael, stolen by the Jews
in claiming Isaac was on the Mount.
■ Can give peace from within
■ Can turn swords into implements of healing
■ Answers the cry of the Muslim heart, “Guide us in
the straight path!”
As the Body of Christ we can….
■ Study about Islam and meet Muslims
■ Engage and challenge your local congregation to
become involved
■ Form groups and structures that will actually serve
in getting the Gospel to Muslims
■ Begin a resource section in your home or church
library with books, DVD’s and articles on Islam
Love your enemies…
Next week: US Politics and Islam