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Hello …………..
Today we are focussing on getting leaner! Let us explain
Muscle Mass
This feature indicates the weight of muscle in your body. The muscle mass displayed includes the skeletal
muscles, smooth muscles (such as cardiac and digestive muscles) and the water contained in these
muscles. Muscles play an important role as they act as an engine in consuming energy. As your
muscle mass increases, your energy consumption increases helping you reduce excess body fat levels
and lose weight in a healthy way.
Understand – muscle takes up 3 times more space in your body than fat.
This is why the body composition is more important than the weight!
We can increase your basal metabolic rate by increasing your muscle mass.
Muscle cells burn much more calories than any anything else, so if we increase your muscle
mass, you will be burning more calories even when you are sat at work or at home!
Your muscle mass at the moment is……….kg
So if we increase your muscle mass your Basal Metabolic Rate (how many calories your body
burns) will increase, your body fat will decrease, and your body shape will be smaller (point
to the diagram of the limb – limb on the right has a higher muscle mass, therefore lower fat
and is smaller clothing size)
In our email for tomorrow we will explain the Physique Rating – which helps you to get to the right
muscle mass for your height and weight and goal you want to achieve.
In order to build muscle – remember it is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
Focus on 3 meals (18-25g protein minimum each, depends on your protein factor & 2 snacks (10g
protein each) a day – always including lean protein.
1 egg has only approx.. 5g protein and remember – we should not eat too many eggs.
Find attached a more detailed snack list to give you more ideas.
The easiest way (and cheapest by the way) is if you want to use our delicious Protein bars, Gourment
Tomato Soup, Roasted Salted Soy Beans).
At our customer evening you find a lot of nice recipes and ideas for your ideal healthy active
Please note in your diary – you are invited to our next customer evening on Wednesday, Date……,
Enjoy your journey.
Warmest regards,
Bea Chory
- Your Personal Health Coach
Call – sms – whatsapp 072 134 3652