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Body in Action
What is Strength?
Strength is the maximum amount of force a
muscle or group of muscles can exert in a
single effort
Three Types Of strength
• Static- In Rugby you need
static strength, to hold the
scrum steady. This prevents
your opponents from driving
you back.
• Explosive- When throwing the
shot putt you need explosive
strength to use the maximum
energy in a single throw.
• Dynamic Strength- When
sprinting in swimming you
need dynamic strength to work
continuously the major
muscles of the arm and
Why is Strength important?
• All physical activity
require a performer to
have some strength.
• Strength is most
important when
objects have to be
held, lifted, carried, or
• Sometimes the heavy
weight can be the
performers own body,
the body of a partner
or an opponent.
• Activities such as
badminton, football,
golf etc need a ball or
shuttle to be hit
powerfully so
strength would be an
Lower body
strength is
important to hit a
hard shot that
the keeper
cannot save.
Upper body Strength
important to play a
powerful smash that
your opponent cannot
In Golf upper body
strength gives you a
drive that goes a long
way up the fairway,
nearer the hole.
How can muscle strength be
• A Training programme can be devised to improve
strength in most major muscle groups. Any program will
be based on progressive resistance. Here, you
overload the working muscle by placing a resistance,
usually a weight or load, against it. The resistance is
gradually increased as the muscle becomes stronger
How do you plan a strength training
• Decide which muscle groups you wish to
make stronger.
• In Volleyball by increasing the strength of
the leg muscles you can jump higher
Strength Training can be
specifically designed to meet
the demands of the activity. This
is known as the principle of
• Select the type of training programme
Weight Machine or Free standing weights
• Select the exercises to be used
A strength training programme
should be based on high
workloads with few repetitions
Workload- 70-80% of your capacity
Repetitions- Between 4&6
Sets-Build up to at least 4
Exercises- Between 3&4
Each session should last at least 30 mins
3 sessions a week will give you improvement in
8 weeks
• Plan a rest day between each session
• Follow this plan and you could look like this
Test For Strength
• Hand Grip Test
• Maximum weight you can lift.