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Improve the Quality of Life
Our behavior as consumers
for a healthier life !
Example should be taken out of
the students’ every day life.
Mobile phones
PET bottles
Fast food
Steps in class
Introducing the topics
Background information
“Circumstances of the
production & trade”
ex. Virtual water, Ecological footprint, Food
mileage, CSR, Distribution of the profit,
ecological/economic/social impacts…
Students’ activities
Interview in the store (customers, owners, managers…)
Role playing
Teamwork on topics like child labor, production
conditions, organic farming…
Trying to find alternatives
What can I do differently
How can I convince others
Informing others of a healthier life!
Newspaper, Exhibition, Presentation, Cooking & inviting
others such as teachers, classmates, Interviews with
local politicians & local gov. staffs on the purchase of
the community (uniforms, stones, school lunch,
coffee/tea for the staff, CSR standards …)