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Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
 “The continuing commitment by companies to behave
ethically and to contribute to economic development,
while improving the quality of life of the workforce and
their families, as well as the local community and society
at large.”
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
CSR, What does this involve?
 Some examples of how this commitment may
be undertaken include:
 Investing in community projects
 Supporting research initiatives
 Introducing occupational health and safety
 Adopting environmentally friendly practices
 Drafting and applying a code of ethics to
company operations
CSR in Action, some examples:
 Its CSR policy is to give 1% of its profit (in the
form of products), 1% of its employees' time,
and 1% of its equity to charities and other nonprofit organisations.
 Tyson Foods & Hunger Relief
This offers a direct example of a major
company tying its corporate social
responsibility efforts to its core mission:
Google Extends a Helping Hand to the World
 Google
 Redefining the notion of traditional philanthropy by
spending more than $25 million in new grants and
investments not only for solving, but for “predicting” and
“preventing” crises.
 Preventing outbreaks of infectious disease
 Monitoring climate changes in ecosystems in
Africa and the Amazon
 Helping governments in underserved
countries improve their public services
 Funding small businesses in developing
 The concept of CSR is no doubt here to stay
 The great majority of CSR cases appear to be having a
sincere and positive impact, not only for the wider
community, but for the companies themselves.
 Center for Corporate Citizenship,
 “Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility Done
 “Is Corporate Social Responsibility Responsible?”