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For Our Dental Patients:
A normal dental procedure involves a complete oral exam, ultrasonic scaling of the
teeth, polishing the teeth, rinsing the mouth, and an application of an oral cleaning
During the dental procedure, a tooth that is loose, cracked, infected and/or
abscessed is often encountered. It is highly recommended by our veterinarians that these
teeth either be removed during the procedure or have a future root canal performed. Root
canals can be done on the major “chewing teeth” if so desired, and if the tooth is not
abscessed. A specialist in the field performs these procedures at a later date.
The additional cost for a simple extraction starts at $13.00-$41.00 per tooth. Please
ask our staff if you have any questions regarding these procedures.
____YES, please have the doctor extract any diseased teeth.
____NO, please do not extract any diseased teeth. I understand that this may cause
future complications with my pet’s health including severe pain, oral infections, and
possible multi-organ disease.