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Penncrest Medical Scholars Club
What is breast cancer?
• A malignant tumor of the breast
• A malignant tumor invade surrounding tissues
and spread to other parts of the body
• Occurs almost entirely in women, but men can
get it too
What causes breast cancer?
• Scientists aren’t sure why, but about one in
every million diving cells ends up with part of
its DNA jumbled or missing
• This often occurs without consequences but
cancer develops when the part of a cell that
controls its division goes away and cells grow
out of control
Signs and Symptoms
Lump in breast
Change in breast size
Change in breast color or texture
• Variety of different types of breast cancer, and
each one has a slightly different treatment
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation
• Surgery
– Mastectomy: surgery to remove the breast
– Lumpectomy: surgery to remove just the cancer
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