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Data Mining BS/MS Project
Clustering for
Market Segmentation
Presentation by Mike Calder
• Used for market segmentation
– Researchers want to find groups that can be
targeted with the same marketing strategy
• Given data of which users click on certain
adds, derive discriminative clusters
Strategy seen in use for almost 2 decades!
• Marketing companies want to produce as
few ads as possible while tailoring to the
largest possible audiences
• Search engines already collect enough
statistics to make these derivations
– No extra methods needed to obtain data
Sample Click Data from Yahoo!
Taken from (Haider, 2012)
Represents the volume of advertisement clicks
on Yahoo! (different colors indicate categories)
How Can We Use The Data?
• Sample Data Attributes
– Time advertisement was clicked on
– Location of the click on the page
– Category the advertisement falls into
– Type of marketing strategy used in the ad
• Must decide on a clustering algorithm and
a number of clusters to use
Clustering Method Options
• Algorithms
– K-means
– Hierarchal
– Centroid-based
– Distribution-based
– Novel combinations of the above
• Attempting to maximize “log-likelihood”.
Sample Algorithm Testing
Taken from (Haider, 2012)
Novel algorithm details are described in
Discriminative Clustering for Market Segmentation
• P. Haider. “Discriminative Clustering for Market
Segmentation”. in Proceedings of the 18th ACM SIGKDD
International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and
Data Mining (KDD ’12). New York, NY, USA: ACM, pp.
417–425. 2012.
• S. Dolnicar. “Using cluster analysis for market
segmentation”. Australian Journal of Market Research,
11(2), 5-12. 2003.
• F. Pratter. “Clustering for Market Segmentation”. Abt
Associates Inc.. 1997.