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Office of Pre-Health Advising
We recommend the following courses for Oxy students who are interested in allopathic (M.D.) or
osteopathic medicine (D.O.). Specific requirements vary among medical schools. Please check
official admissions requirements for each school to which you plan to apply.
Biology: One year with labs
Bio 115
General Zoology (or, Bio 110 Organisms on Earth *)
Bio 130
Cellular & Molecular Biology
*Some medical schools may specifically require Zoology (115), and it is a pre-requisite for Human Physiology
(kinesiology 307) at Oxy. In addition, Biochemistry (Bio 222 or, 349 for Biochem majors), Genetics (224),
and Molecular Biology (Bio 221) are required by many medical schools.
Note: Biochem 349 and 350 are required for Biochemistry majors and non-Biochemistry majors may take these
courses with the permission of the instructor.
Chemistry: One year Inorganic with labs. One year Organic with labs
Students must take the Chemistry Placement Test online before enrolling.
Chem 120
Chem 240
Chem 220
Chem 221
General Chemistry I (or Chem 130 AP General Chemistry with AP scores of 4 or 5)
General Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Physics: One year with labs
Physics 115
General Physics I
Physics 125
General Physics II
Physics 106, 110, and 120 in sequence
Note: Oxy’s pre-req for physics is Calculus 2
Math: one year
Students must take the Math Placement Test online before enrolling.
Calculus 1 (110 or 114)
Calculus 2 (120 or 124), OR, 128 (advanced placement), 212 (Multivariable), 214 (Linear systems),
330 (probability), 341(differential equations) are accepted by med schools.
Statistics: One term (146 or 150) - For most med schools, you may take a math-based Stats (146 or
150) or Biostatistics (Bio 368) to replace one term of Calc. to meet their one-year math requirements.
Some schools may accept a Statistics course from Social and Behavior Sciences. Please check with
the schools to which you plan to apply.
English: One year
2 semesters of Oxy’s Core CSP courses are accepted. Additional courses from Writing and Rhetoric
(WRD 201, 275) or English and Comparative Lit. Dept. are highly recommended to develop critical
reading and writing skills
Other recommended courses:
Psychology (102, 200), Sociology (101), Public Health related courses offered by UEP and DWA
Please work closely with your academic advisor and/or contact department chairs if you have any questions
about scheduling your courses to ensure that you meet college core, major and minor requirements.