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Major Academic Plan (MAP)
Associate in Arts & Sciences
BS in Chemistry/Biochemistry with Biochemistry Option
(126-129 credits)
Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics
College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Why Study Chemistry?
Students majoring in chemistry have the opportunity to
engage in research projects with department faculty and
to gain experience with modern instrumental techniques
including gas and liquid chromatography; ultra-violet,
visible, infra-red, Raman, fluorescence, and atomic
absorption spectrophotometry; nuclear magnetic
resonance; and x-ray diffraction. Upon graduation, our
students are knowledgeable, experiences and
independent laboratory workers.
Student Learning Outcomes:
• Demonstrate a broad-based knowledge of major
concepts in the areas of inorganic, organic, analytical
and physical chemistry;
• Demonstrate sufficient preparation in chemistry to
successfully compete in a graduate or professional
program or to realize employment in a chemistry- or
biochemistry-related field;
• Demonstrate a capacity to use modern instrumentation
and classical techniques for the analysis and/or
separation of chemicals and an ability to interpret data;
• Demonstrate effective oral and written communication
skills and critical thinking skills as related to the field of
• Demonstrate knowledge of safe practices in the
handling, usage and disposal of chemicals.
Department Chair
Dr. Robin McRae
226 Science Building
[email protected]
Department Assistant
Maggie Cox
226 Science Building
[email protected]
Sample Careers
AA – DTA Degree Requirements with Suggested Classes
that Fulfill EWU Prerequisites/Requirements
WRITING SKILLS (10 credits)
ENGL& 101 Composition: General (5)
ENGL 201 Comp.: Advanced Essay (5) or
ENGL 202 Comp.: Critical Analysis (5) or
ENGL 203 Comp.: Research (5)
MATH& 141 Precalculus I (5)
HUMANITIES (15 credits)
Consult your advisor for course options.
BIOL& 211 Majors Cellular (5)
CHEM& 161 General Chem. I w/Lab (5)
MATH& 141 Precaluclus II (5)
SOCIAL SCIENCES (15 credits)
Consult your advisor for course options.
BIOL 125 Environmental Science (5)
BIOL 126 Life Continuity (5)
BIOL& 212 Majors Plants (5)
BIOL& 213 Majors Animals (5)
CHEM& 162 General Chem. II w/Lab (5)
CHEM& 163 General Chem. III w/Lab (5)
ENGL 101 College Composition
ENGL 201 College Composition:
Analysis/Research/Document (5)
MATH 141 Precalculus I (5)
BIOL 171 Biology I (5)
CHEM 151 General Chemistry (5)
MATH 142 Precalculus II (5)
BIOL 172 Biology II (5)
BIOL 173 Biology III (5)
CHEM 152 General Chemistry (5)
CHEM 153 General Chemistry (5)
The courses listed below transfer to satisfy EWU Graduation Requirements
and can be taken before or during the major programs:
Cultural Diversity (one course)
ANTH 220 Cross-Cultural Studies
CHST 112 Chicano Experience in
Contemporary Society (5)
HIST& 219 Native American History
SOC 135 Sociology of Women (5)
SOC 151 Sociology of Race and
Ethnic Groups (5)
International Studies (one course)
• HIST 174 Western World History –
Latin America (5)
• HIST 274 Eastern World History –
East Asia (5)
• PHIL 275 Comparative World
Religions (5)
• POLS& 203 International
Relations (5)
• SOC& 201 Social Problems (5)