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Logo Design Selection Activity of International
Center of Excellence in Cancer Research
Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world. Many
interventions have been developed to circumvent issues that were encountered
in diagnosis, treatment and prevention, yet there is still the need for
improvement. Thus, the goal of establishment of the “International Center of
Excellence in Cancer Research” is to combine existing strengths of both cancer
centers in Taiwan, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University and China
Medical University & Hospital, and MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA and to
improve diagnosis, treatment and prevention for cancer patients in Taiwan. The
research will be focused on discovering new biomarkers, molecular mechanisms
of pathogenesis and metabolomics, signal transduction pathways of cancer cells
and the role of cancer stem cells with the combination of drug discovery,
development of novel targeted therapy and clinical trials. From now until March
15, a Logo Design selection activity will hold in our center, everyone is to attend
us try to design the logo of our “International Center of Excellence in Cancer
Research”. It should be contained the goal of our center establishment.