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China – Introduction:
Chapter 19 – 20:
Ancient Period: 1700 BC – 220 CE (Fall of the Han
China is made of many regions and different
Today – two variations on the written language:
Mandarin (modern Mainland) and Cantonese
(southern and Taiwan)
Chinese characters form ideographs and syllables
p 184 map – Inner China (South and Central)
Outer China
Inner China – Surrounds two main rivers:
Yellow River in the North and the Chang Jiang
River in South (Yang Tze)
p 186 Tibet Plateau – North of the Himalaya
(Tibetans – Buddhists; Dalai Lama is the leader
the Tibetan Buddhists)
Modern China – Communists took over in 1949
under Mao. The non- Communists moved to
Taiwan under the Nationalists.
p 191 China’s geographic isolation –
Mountains and Jungles to the South
Deserts to the West
Tundra forests to the North
Ancient Chinese built the Great Wall of China in
Northern China to stop the people (the Huns)