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 Anissa Anindya Widjaja
 Chua Geok Lin
 Goh Yufen
 Ho Ping Ping, Crystal
 Kek Xing Yi
 Peh Pi Chia Emily
 Industry
 Technology
 Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. May be
caused by
bacterial or viral infection,
parasitic infestation,
alcohol, drugs,
or transfusion of incompatible blood.
 Although many cases of hepatitis are not a
serious health threat, the disease can become
chronic and sometimes lead to liver failure and
 Invention:
Hepatitis a, b-combined vaccine and its
lyophilized preparation
Comprises of a properly attenuated live hepatitis A virus
and a purified hepatitis B surface antigen
Produced by a recombinant Chinese Hamster Ovary
(CHO) cell and/or recombinant yeast
The inflammation associated with hepatitis A virus and
with hepatitis B virus can be prevented
Useful for administration to children who dislike having
multiple injections
Patent Number
 WO 2005/037310
 Hepatitis a, b-combined vaccine and its
lyophilized preparation.
 Public Awareness through
 Seminars for doctors and public
 Availability to GPs and specialists
 Affordable cost