Download Hepatitis E vaccine, `Hecolin`

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Lida Bun
Brother Thomas McPhillips
Microbiology in the News
•Virus family: Caliciviridae
•Nucleic Acid: RNA (+ sense)
•Disease caused: Enteric non-A,
non-B hepatitis
•Size: 30-35 nm, icosahedral
•Envelope: Non-envelope
•Incubation period: 3-8 weeks
•Transmission: The hepatitis E
virus is transmitted mainly
through the faecal-oral route due
to faecal contamination of
drinking water.
•Ingestion of contaminated meat
•Transmission to pregnant woman to
her fetus
•Transfusion of infected blood
•20 million cases of
infection per year.
•3 million acute
illnesses and 70,000
deaths annually
•Common in people 15
to 40 yrs old.
•Hepatitis E is
prevalent in most
developing countries.
•Particularly chronic in
pregnant women.
 No treatment as of right now
 “Self-limiting” disease
 Support
 Prevention
 Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine (Escherichia Coli)
Developed by Xiamen University and Xiamen Innovax
Biotech Co. Ltd
 First China’s State Food and Drug Administration
(CSFDA) approved vaccine affective for HEV under
mass production.
 Inoculation of this product can stimulate the body to
produce immunity against hepatitis E virus for the
prevention of hepatitis E.
 This product is suitable for susceptible population
aged 16 and above.