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DNA and RNA Replication
Organic molecules that serve as the blueprint for proteins are
________________ ________________. DNA and RNA are both
composed of ______________________________. Nucleotides have 3
2) __________________________________________
3) __________________________________________
Two types of nucleic acids:
__________________: Double stranded. Contains A, T, C, G
__________________: Single Stranded. Contains A, U, C, G
RNA contains _____________________ instead of Thymine. Uracil bonds
with _________________.
DNA replication occurs in ______________________________ of mitosis.
1)DNA is _____________________ down the middle by
_________________________. The enzyme is called
2) The ________________________ separate and the molecule breaks
into ________________________ halves.
3) Complementary ____________________ attach to the exposed
4) Finally ___________ __________________________ checks to make
sure all bases are paired correctly.