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George Mason University–Office of the Registrar Undergraduate Course Approval Form
Please complete this form and attach a copy of the syllabus and catalog description for new courses. Forward the form and
attachments to your departmental curriculum committee for approval, and then to your College/School curriculum
committee, or Dean’s office, for final approval. The approved form should then be forwarded to the Academic Scheduling
Office, MS 3D1. This is for undergraduate course approval only. Please see the Provost Office/Graduate Council
website to obtain a copy of the Graduate Course Approval Form and for details about the graduate course approval process.
Note: Colleges and Schools are responsible for submitting new or modified catalog descriptions (35 words or less, using
catalog format) to Creative Services by deadlines outlined in the yearly Catalog production calendar.
Please indicate: New____X__
Department/Unit: _____Mathematical Sciences___ Course Subject/Number: ____104_____________
Submitted by: _____Jay Shapiro__________ Ext: __3-1485___ Email: [email protected]
Course Title: _______Trigonometry and Transcendental Functions______________________________________
Effective Term (New/Modified Courses only): ___Fall 09____
Credit Hours: (Fixed) __2_
(Var.) ______ to ______
Final Term (deleted courses only):____________
Grade Type (check one):
Regular graduate (A, B, C, etc.)
Satisfactory/No Credit only
Special graduate (A, B, C, etc. + IP)
Repeat Status*(check one): _X_ NR-Not repeatable ____ RD-Repeatable within degree ____ RT-Repeatable within term
*Note: Used only for special topics, independent study, or internships courses
Total Number of Hours Allowed: _______
Schedule Type Code(s): 1._L_ LEC=Lecture SEM=Seminar STU=Studio INT=Internship IND=Independent Study
2.____ LAB=Lab RCT=Recitation (second code used only for courses with Lab or Rct component)
Prereq _X_ Coreq ___ (Check one):___Satisfactory score on the placement exam_________________________
Note: Modified courses - review prereq or coreq for necessary changes; Deleted courses - review other courses to correct prereqs that list the deleted course.
Description of Modification (for modified courses):____________________________________________________________________
Special Instructions (major/college/class code restrictions, if needed):__________________________________________
Approval Signatures:
Department or Unit: _________________________________________ Date: _____________
College/School Committee: ____________________________________ Date: _____________
George Mason University
Undergraduate Course Coordination Form
Approval from other units:
Please list those units outside of your own which may be affected by this new, modified, or deleted course. Each of these units should
approve this action prior to its being submitted to the COS Curriculum Committee for approval.
Head of Unit’s Signature:
Head of Unit’s Signature:
Head of Unit’s Signature:
Head of Unit’s Signature:
Head of Units Signature:
COS Curriculum Committee approval: ______________________________________________ Date: ____________
Course Proposal Submitted to the COS Curriculum Committee
1. COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE: MATH 104 – Transcendental Functions.
Course Prerequisites: A satisfactory score on the Math Placement Test.
Catalog Description: (2:2:0) Exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, analytic
trigonometry. This course does not satisfy the university’s quantitative reasoning requirement. May not be
taken for credit after receiving a C or better in Math 105 nor in any MATH course numbered 113 or higher.
May not take Math 105 for credit after receiving a C or better in Math 104.
Course Objectives: To give students the background in exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions
necessary to study calculus.
Course Necessity: Currently the Department has a three credit course (Math 105) that prepares students for
calculus. This course, which is a combination of college algebra and transcendental functions, is designed for
those students who are unable to place into Math 113 (calculus) via the placement test. However, many of
the students who are not qualified to go into calculus (Math 113) nonetheless have sufficient background to
skip the first half of Math 105. These students could take Math 104. Furthermore, since it will run as a halfsemester course, we will run the classs twice in a semester. Thus students who start Math 113, but feel that
they are struggling, could drop out in mid semester and take Math 104 in the second half semester.
Course Relationship to Existing Programs: NA
Course Relationship to Existing Courses: This will be part of sequence that replaces Math 105.
Semester of Initial Offering: Fall 2009
Proposed Instructors: Any full or part time faculty members
MATH 104
Prerequisites: A satisfactory score on the Math Placement Test.
Credits: 2 - Will meet 4 times a week for seven weeks
Office Hours:
Course Description:
Lecture Content:
Week 1
Exponential functions, logarithmic functions
Week 2
Laws of logarithms, Exam 1
Week 3
Exponential and logarithmic equations, angle measure
Week 4
Trigonometry of right angles, Exam 2
Week 5
Trigonometric functions of real numbers and their graphs
Week 6
Law of sines and cosines, Exam 3
Week 7
Trigonometric identities, half and double angle formulas
Homework: (explain assignments)
Exams: Weekly quizzes, two or three in-class exams and a comprehensive final
Quizzes (20%) Exams (50%) Final (30%)
Required Texts: Precalculus by J. Stewart, L. Redlin. S. Watson